Weekly Wins January 8, 2016


Welcome to 2016. We’re only one week in and the future is in full swing with the VR oculus in demand, Pepper your robot friend, the iPhone 7 design, Wearables on the slopes, & of course #CES2016.

It’s the first Friday of 2016 and the digital world hasn’t skipped a beat. So sit back, sip a cold one and enjoy 2016’s first Weekly Wins.

1. See more when you ski

Wearables could change how we see the slopes and how marketers can champion our on-slope consumer behavior. Recon Instruments is a Vancouver-based company, now owned by Intel, who created Snow2 for skiers and snowboarders. Snow2 helps users navigate not only a ski resort, but also previously unknown stops on their customer’s journeys. It could end up providing safety and convenience.

You’re in a compromised environment: it’s cold, it’s windy, you have a lot of equipment to manage,” he says. “Yet you absolutely have a need for specific information that can make your day safer.

2. iPhone 7 says goodbye to the headphone jack

According to an article by The Fast Company Apple will be losing the headphone jack to make the iPhone 7 slimmer. Which means it will be relying on its lightning port for wired headphones. The iPhone 7 (we assume it will be called) will most likely be waterproof and whole lot thinner. It will, according to The Fast Company’s source, rely on its Lightning cable port for sound output to wired headphones or users can go wireless. It seems like audio will be getting a lot of the attention with the added benefit of noise-canceling technology. This is an interesting read.

3. Pepper, the robot that wants to be your friend

Meet Pepper the robot that will be entering businesses and homes this year. French robotics company Aldebaran has created this new robotic ‘friend’. In the Inc. article it claims that Pepper can communicate with humans through voice and touch and move around autonomously. But, the thing that makes him super impressive is his ability to recognize human facial expressions and react accordingly. This tool seems to have everybody intrigued; Apple just purchased an AI that reads your emotions.

The future of the robot is that it could propose certain services and prevent problems before they happen. - Gelin

4. #CES2016

CES has been blowing and disappointing minds this year. For those, like us, who are suffering from serious FOMO (yes, FOMO) Adweek kindly shared the 6 must-see Tech Categories for Marketers at CES

and Wired graciously shared their take on the coolest gear of CES2016. From VR and TV Sets to the Kodak Super 8 Camera to the Picobrew Pico, it’s just a little too exciting.

5. Oculus on serious demand

In the beginning of the week Venture Beat prepared the world for the Oculus Rift preorders opening on January 6. With the price tag unknown there was still well deserved and anticipated excitement and they weren’t wrong. On January 6th the first Oculus Rift shipment sold out with a solid cost of $599. The future is now and it appears to be virtual.

Strap in and brace yourself for what looks like a rather futuristic 2016. It’s exciting times and we’re looking forward to going on this journey with you.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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