Weekly Wins January 6, 2017

Digital humans

Welcome to 2017! The first week of the rest of your year has started with a brain-monitoring sleep mask, fact-checking fails, best at CES, ulterior motives, and human tech.

Resolutions, gym time, or life affirmations, whatever your poison start your year with a finger on the digital pulse.

1. A brain-monitoring sleep mask

Tired of counting sheep in the hope of catching a few winks? According to an article by psfk a sleep mask that uses EEG technology to promote better rest is on the market. Entertech, using electroencephalogram and electrocardiogram acquisition technology, created naptime. Naptime keeps the user in the second phase of our three-stage sleep process. Making sure napping doesn’t make you groggy and grumpy. Sign me up.

2. Fact-checking won’t help the news

According to FiveThirtyEight, ‘fact-checking won’t save us from fake news.’ It appears there are a number of issues with fact-checking in general. It starts with the definition of ‘fake news’, the people Facebook and Google have checking the news already face partisan issues. This article is a must read for all those on a search for true facts or the very least an acknowledged bias.

“Maybe the news should stop trying so hard to entertain.”

3. Best CES tech 2017 (so far)

Mashable have kindly curated their favorite picks from the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The future starts with smart devices, cars and drones, PC Tech, TV Tech, and Cameras. While I suffer from a dose of morale threatening FOMO, I can’t deny the excitement the Razer Project Valerie sparks. This is a must read for tech enthusiasts.

4. CES: The second agenda

This year alone, the annual Consumer Electronics Show is expected to host 180,000 people. And, apparently it’s not the showroom floor, but the backroom media and marketing gatherings that pull publishers and advertisers in. According to Digiday they are substituting the showroom for meetings on the strip. “I’m not there to see self-driving cars. I’m not there to see some of the next-gen tech stuff as much as I am to efficiently meet with as many clients as I can in as condensed a period as possible,” says Sean Reardon, U.S. CEO of agencies Zenith and Moxie.

5. Human tech

Virtual Reality Pop shares their insight into 2017 with a claim to more human tech. According to them VR and AR rely on consumer feedback, with consumers leading tech, ethics will be a greater part of the AI conversation, and smart cities will gain momentum.

"The possibilities of smart cities are endless"

These words are by Michelle Knight

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