Weekly Wins September 30, 2016

Is AI Music Art?

Snap Inc. reveal their first product, AI writes its first song, VR respects boundaries, design experts talks mobile native and we take a looksy at Drake’s new iOS app.

It’s time to switch gears to weekend mode. But before your party animal breaks free, sit back with your favourite beverage and soak up this week’s top digital marketing news.

1. AI Delivers the Tunes

Artificial Intelligence has created its first song, according to Quartz. And…..it’s not terrible. Music is often seen as a form of expression with deep layers of hidden messages that hit on some emotional level, which makes me wonder what an AI has to sing about? The song is titled Daddy’s Car and is quite literally about driving in Daddy’s Car. It is worth checking out if only for curiosity’s sake.

2. Tap. Record. Snap.

I know, sounds like an AI song. In fact, it’s Snap Inc. first spectacles’ product demo. These Snap spectacles allow the user to record 10secs of what they’re seeing with one simple tap. It feels like a good move away from the smartphone and will be interesting to watch feeds move away from the selfie. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal “the spectacles’ camera uses a 115-degree-angl lens, wider than a typical smartphone’s and much closer to the eyes’ natural view point.”

What they don't realize is that she isn’t preserving images. She’s talking

3. Knott’s shut’s down VR experience.

While virtual reality is being adopted almost everywhere, some are asking for a little respect. Knott’s Berry Farm has shut down a virtual experience because it stirred mental health advocates. They called it “insensitive” to people with mental health issues and their families. The experience was about running from a mentally ill patient, which sounds very much like a Hollywood plot. This might seem small news, but the regulation of VR is new thing. While creators worry about nausea and presence the world is keeping their ethics in check. It seems there is clearly an ethical line between traditional entertainment and the virtual world.

not cool

4. Mobile Native.

The world of design and UX is moving at a rapid speed, keeping up is costly, but essential to a brands survival. Brian Cooper, chief creative officer of OLIVER Group UK, explains how brands are still learning. In a psfk article published yesterday Brian talks about the transition from ‘mobile first’ to ‘mobile native’, building entirely for the smartphone and utilizing all the elements as one. He also mentions the move towards voice activation with Apple’s new wireless earbuds. This is article is well worth a read.

brands still fall down by approaching the smartphone in terms of its individual elements, as opposed to the cohesive, multi-faceted piece of technology it really is.

5. Drake’s new app.

Drake has managed to creep his way onto your iPhone. He released his newest iOS app yesterday –  a storefront app entirely dedicated to Drake’s October’s Very Own brand. Fans/users can purchase Drake-like items on the app featuring $45 snapback hats. The real value lies in the cementing of a relationship status shift from online to on-phone. Just another example of the constant battle between the web and apps.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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