Weekly Wins December 7, 2018

Drones, Robots and Cuba

Weekly Wins, here we goooooooo. 

Time to do a nice little digital dive with the Weekly Wins. 

1. Robot Spray 

The Weekly Wins have a lot of fun waxing poetic about the potential robot uprising but the truth is, robots are usually our friends. Ask anyone that works in an Amazon warehouse. Robots help the human workers fill orders, lift heavy things, and chip in with fun watercooler banter. Okay, probably not the last one, but the keep the well-oiled Amazon machine chugging along.

This week, all of that changed. The robots finally turned on us.

Actually, it was an accident. A robot at an Amazon warehouse in New Jersey accidentally punctured a can of bear spray and sent 30 workers to the hospital as a result of breathing the toxic fumes that were emitted.

A precursor to the robot uprising? Maybe.

2. Viva Cuba Libre!

The march of progress is slower for some than others.

While it continues to reflect a somewhat outdated Leninist approach to its civil processes, Cuba has allowed itself to lag considerably in the tech space. In fact, that’s an understatement. Most people have only been able to access the internet through expensive public hotspots up to now, and these have been poor quality at best.

Under current leader Miguel Diaz-Canel, that could change, however. Diaz-Canel is looking to integrate a 3G network into the island’s infrastructure.

It’s 2018. We should all know the glory of the internet. Viva Cuba Libre!


Revolutionary internet service

3. Waymo Ways to Get Around 

This week a writer from The Verge had the opportunity to take a spin in a Waymo cab and reported back on the experience for our reading enjoyment. For those of you who don’t know, Waymo is the Google self-driving vehicle.

Is conclusion: needs work.

For starters, the cars currently come with ‘trained drivers’ who take over for the car if it’s going off the rails. Trained drivers presumably mean people who currently know how to drive. In other words, the driverless cars come with a driver.

Second, the cost doesn’t rival rideshare services that have a driver. That’s expected to change once the screens in the cars start running ads, however.

So self-driving cabs are not quite here. The tech is amazing though and following the journey is fun. We’re hoping automated cab will be a reality sooner than later.

4. Spotify Year in Review 

Spotify was a big topic of conversation in the office this week. The music streaming platform opened up its data to users for a year-end review. The results were…eye-opening.

For instance, I listened to Spotify for a whopping 106,000 minutes in 2018 and the year isn’t even over yet. Yikes.

The app also shared users top artists, top songs and even the astrology signs of artists that you’re most likely to listen to.

Features like this make Spotify a must have for any music nerd. Still, 106,000 minutes is a bit much. I think I need more outside time…

win a ding ding

5. On a Wing and a Prayer 

Google again. The tech juggernaut is intent on world domination and the air is as much as part of the world as the ground is.

This week Google’s drone delivery service, Wing, made inroads to launching in Europe. Though it’s already made 55,000 trips in its test country. Australia, Wing will be taking flight in Finland in the new year.

Detractors list the unpredictability of the service and the safety issues that are inherent in the premise of drone delivery. Wing says the service is safer, faster and more environmentally friendly that ground delivery service.

These words are by Nick Kewin

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