Weekly Wins September 11, 2015

September 11th: App decay, Apple Day, & colourful ecommerce

This week was all about tech. With another #Appleday event in the can, an inside look at the colorful side of ecommerce, the future of digital thanks to AI, and the ultimate art of curation.

After a week of complicated product descriptions we suggest you sit back with that giant everyone-is-back-to-school-sized glass of wine and read the top digital marketing news in this edition of The Weekly Wins.

1. Did Apple deliver?

When Apple speaks people listen, you couldn’t dream of a better platform to launch new and improved products. Apple introduced iPhone 6S, an iPad so large it needed the Apple Pencil, an insane Hermes Apple Watch and the future of TV (spoiler alert, it’s apps). But did their launch take off or crash land? Instead of just reading the hilarious Tweet reactions, we asked one of our Creative Directors and die-hard Apple fan, Graham MacInnes, how much of his money Apple will get this week. This is what he had to say, “The interesting thing about the iPad pro was its seemed to harken back to how Apple used to do things which was making creative tools for creative people. Will the general population want a giant iPad or a stylus? Probably not, but there is a niche market of creative people that will get massive value out this and it’s cool to see that they still value these customers.”

Take all of our monies

2. Twitter, psychic for app health

Twitter is being used to predict the death of an app, or at least its level of ‘social decay’. The app race is fast and ruthless, and even leaves highly paid investors in its wake while the search for the next Instagram, Snapchat, or Vine continues. Buzzfeed News has analyzed the health of dozens of social apps to determine which ones might be fading away. According to Buzzfeed if the chart showed a steady decline over a number of months, it’s a big red warning sign. Something now termed ‘Social Decay’.

3. The ultimate in curation

We live in a nicely curated world and now it’s been taken to the next level. There is a bookstore in Tokyo that offers only one book title a week. It requires trust and is a time-saver for those indecisive folks that find it difficult not to judge a book by its cover. This amazing place is called Morioka Bookstore in Ginza, and it offers one book for 6 consecutive days. The experience is immersive; you get to discuss the book with its author and other readers. It’s more connected, more intimate and a great example of a full experience. The idea stemmed with the belief that every book is worth reading and we couldn’t agree more.

The ultimate in curation: The one book, bookstore.

4. The colourful ecommerce world of Bezar

Bezar is an ecommerce site that does it differently. Try worldly boutique with the convenience of the Internet. They marry designers with consumers to support an art form the founders live for. Their case study talks to all the elements that build a brand from concept to functioning being. It’s the journey of one idea down the right path over a few wrong turns. They also have the biggest colour palette in the world, every colour. Their logo changes colour every single day onsite. The company says, “We desire to be the most colorful brand in the world built by some really colourful people.”

“You just have to get out of the way.” – Eva Zeisel

5. Context Aware AI

It’s no shocker that we are surrounded by technology 24/7. And according to PSFK in 2025, 100 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. Snips believes that the world is in fact not random and that there are patterns in everything we do. Their mission is to integrate technology so deeply into our lives that it will dissolve from our consciousness. This means planting artificial intelligence into anything and everything. Founder Dr. Randi Hindi believes the fighting demand for our attention will disappear as context-aware AI becomes mainstream.

“It’s not just about your car driving itself and knowing where you’re going, it’s actually about having the freedom to enjoy the world in a way that feels unplugged yet has all the value of technology.”

Now that you’re up to date with the digital marketing scoop, disconnect and have a wonderful weekend. Oh, maybe watch this first with a nice glass of pinot. 

These words are by Michelle Knight

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