Weekly Wins September 25, 2015

September 25: The battle over ad blocking & more

Digital strategy takes the cake this week (mmm, cake). We look at La Presse’s move to full digital, ponder Apple’s moves that some say are designed to kill the web, work on getting a little weirder (yes, it’s possible), fall in love with native advertising’s latest and discover a VR game that’s, well, blowing our minds.

Find that comfy chair, let us mix you up a cocktail, and sit back and catch up on the top digital marketing news in this week’s edition of The Weekly Wins.

1. Keeping it weird

Editor and Content Strategist at Crew, Jory MacKay, shared an interesting article this week titled, Keeping Work Weird. He suggests that in today’s world we should run from the status quo like an Emo at a cheerleading competition. This article discusses our dopamine levels, our psychology and how we reject value while affirming truths – an interesting take on ideology. And, it’s also packed with mind-blowing stats. This is a must read.

New visitors judge a site’s functionality/aesthetics within 1/20th – 1/50th of a second.

2. Is Apple Killing the web for everyone?

Jeffrey Zeldman wrote a fascinating article this week on Apple’s move to allow ad blocking and it’s implications on the future of the web experience. In the Silicon Valley superpower war, in case you were wondering, digital marketers and publishers of content are right in the crossfire.

Zeldman talks about the impact on UX and even provides Nilay Patels take on the move. Meanwhile, the advertising industry position has been rolled out in Advertising Age from Randall Rothenberg, touting, the user experience too. And just to round this out, Anil Dash, a publisher, documents how we all pass the buck when it comes to smart communications and the topic of ads and blocking them. This is all crying out for an infographic to explain it all.

3. Netflix & Coainenomics

Not only does Netflix’s outstanding native ad in the Wall Street Journal go beyond it’s ask of delivering flavoursome content about Narcos, the new series based on drug cartel Pablo Escabar, but it is a true testament to our consumption of long-form content. This native ad works and it’s smart. It gives its audience the drama and facts needed to quench their content hungry appetites. Given the looming escalation in the battle of ad blocking, the art of dishing up great ads like this is the key. But it ain’t cheap, apparently hiring the Journal to make your ads is worth a 6-figure sum.

4. La Presse goes digital and Journalists are having all the fun.

Canada’s third most-read newspaper is moving almost entirely towards a digital strategy. La Presse is currently Quebec’s highest circulation newspaper and is a whopping 131 years old. This drastic cut means one day a week will be in print while the others will live online. While many other players in the News world shifted to digital for cost saving, La Presse dished out $40 million for this shift. The digital approach is the way of the world and with companies like Facebook launching tools like Signal it just makes sense. Signal is a way for journalists to gather news without Twitter. It’s a free discovery and curation platform that keeps journalists ahead of us media mortals.

“La Presse+ is now more successful than the print version of La Presse after 131years of existence,” wrote Crevier.

5. Land’s End

The makers of Monument Valley just made a virtual reality game that is out of this world, quite literally, they called it Land’s End. Apparently, the biggest downfall is not wanting to leave. It is Ustwo’s first virtual reality game and it arrives October 30th on Samsung Gear Headset. It will most probably be used to iron out the creeks in this medium. According to Ustwo’s Ken Wong, “It took a long long time to reinvent all these fundamental things about how you move around a world and how you interact.” It looks like they’ve championed an almost subconscious ability to drift through this magical world. Intrigued? Have a read of this article.

“If you could live in a sunset this may be what it feels like.”

It’s the first week of fall. We suggest you start by mixing up a fine, autumn inspired cocktail with no pumpkin or spice and congratulating yourself on an awesome week.

So, what is your fall weekend play?

These words are by Michelle Knight

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