Weekly Wins April 8, 2016

Ask and you shall receive

This week the digital world molded to our needs (sort of). If VR nausea is a problem for you, and you feel the need to attend school via VR, or you want to purchase makeup via Kik and would choose entertainment over legroom while flying through the air on a giant bird, then yes, your prays have been answered.

Vancouver folks get to a patio and crack open a cold one, for our Toronto friends find a fire and sip a stronger beverage while devouring your digital marketing crack in this week’s edition of The Weekly Wins.

1. Ecommerce with a sprinkle of $ emojis

Sephora have unleashed the power to purchase to all their fans on Kik. Users will now be able to not only get their beauty product reviews, recommendations and tips instantly, but also make purchases directly on the app. Sephora’s purchase interaction is designed to resemble a regular conversation. A conversation started by the user once they’ve added Sephora. It feels like a pretty smart way for brands to engage consumers.

“We’ve had our eye on what Kik is doing for a while now and strongly believe that it is a top app that offers Sephora a new avenue of connection with our clients.”

2. Smaller, but bigger.

The same same but different saying is a perfect fit for our ongoing battle with the comforts, or should we say discomforts, of air travel. The battle between space and perfectly located distractions appears to be the landing area for change. Aerospace firm Thales, are playing a game of ‘Would you Rather’. Would you rather a big immersive screen with movies, TV, and Wi-Fi which puts a 21.3-insh touchscreen directly in front of each passenger or would rather feel your feet at the end of the flight? Either way I’d suggest you just put on a virtual reality headset and chat with LeBron.


“Portrait orientation isn’t perfect for movies, but the size is immersive.”

3. Home videos in VR

Silicon Valley’s VideoStitch launched the Orah 4i. Which basically means for an affordable $3,595 you can enjoy wireless broadcasting live BR streams. This is next level home videos, rethink soccer games, or Christmas plays. The system allows users to live-stream 4K quality VR video. Users can watch content produced on the camera on any existing VR headset, the company said. This is quite an epic move towards the Virtual Reality, reality.

“The Orah system’s magic is its ability to auto-stitch VR content on the fly, rather than needing any kind of manual post-production stitching” – VideoStitch CEO Nicolas Burtey


4. Throwing up or zaps to head? Your choice.

VR is awesome, however, it can come hand in hand with a sensation to expel your guts in the nearest container available. According to an article in The Next Web, the nausea feeling is an effect caused by the sights around you that mimic motion and speed, your inner ear gets tricked into thinking you’re moving when you’re actually not. Researchers in the Mayo Clinic have been developing a way to stop you from getting sick. It comes with a slight disclaimer: you must be comfortable with receiving electrical zaps to your head and by head they probably mean brain.

5. First Day of School in VR

Yes, this did just happened. In Japan students are expected to travel 900 miles to campus. In order to avoid this they are investing in Gear Headsets and providing students with an alternative VR experience. N High School, operated by publishing and media company Kadokawa Dwawngo Corp., said 73 of its 1,482 freshmen attended the virtual ceremony held in Tokyo. For a school that is aiming at growing a tech-savvy student base the fit seems appropriate and totally sci-fi.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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