Weekly Wins February 5, 2016

Big Game of Digital Edition

Here we go. With January under our belts, and the haze of holidays now but a distant memory, 2016 is kicking into overdrive. It may not be spring just yet, but already, brands are reinventing themselves with new logos and facing the music of social media, VR is everywhere in the real world, people are making shows on Instagram, and taking orders on We Chat. And given we are on the eve of Super Bowl 50 weekend (or according to “legal” recommendations, “The Big Game”) let’s have ourselves a look at the week’s biggest digital and marketing news keeping us up the night before kickoff.

We suggest pairing this edition of The Weekly Wins with your favourite coffee beverage. Grab a comfy seat, maybe throw a little Rihanna on the old HiFi, and dive into some juicy digital stories.

The birth of the 15-second TV Show

1. Instagram TV Shows & We Chat Waiters

In the past we’ve talked about the power of micro content with innovations such as unique Snapchat shows, and now Instagram has its first “show”. Shield5 is a new serialized daily show with twenty-eight 15-second episodes. The show is produced by the same maker of ABC’s Agent Carter, so it will be interesting to see how much traction it picks up with Hollywood in its corner. Meanwhile, a restaurant in Beijing is experimenting with getting rid of waiters and replacing them by using We Chat and use the app to call in your order. This is just the latest evolution in a series of stories about robot run restaurants.


2. Slack Crushes App Release Notes

If you want a lesson on tone and voice geared for your product in today’s world, look no further than the app release notes of Slack’s 1.1.10 update. “For reasons that are too embarrassing to go into, no matter if you chose increase, or decrease, we wrote increase to your preferences. So if you went up two sizes, then down two sizes, then quit and relaunched everything would be 4x bigger. Seriously, we know.” Not only do they acknowledge a problem existed, they owned it, and even poke a little fun at themselves. Pitch Perfect. And not the Anna Kendrick kind. No wonder, they have cool socks too.

“For reasons that are too embarrassing to go into, no matter if you chose increase, or decrease, we wrote increase to your preferences."
VR for Votes

3. Your Weekly VR News

In a week where Magic Leap has picked up another staggering $793.5 million in funding it’s clear that VR news is just getting started in 2016. And just a sampling of VR headlines this week for you to drop at your cocktail party tonight: The New York Times is doing VR from the Iowa Caucuses. Apple apparently has hundreds of people now at work as a secret virtual reality team, which sounds vaguely like a little Globex / Hank Scorpio to us. Artists are now adding psychedelic visions to art shows using immersive VR too. And that is just a selection of VR stories. If you’re not reading them yet, you will soon.

Buy the ticket, Take the digital ride.

4. Super Bowl Marketing 101

In addition to the volume of wings, guacamole, and beer we will consume, great stats from the gang at Digiday noting that for the $5,000,000 it would cost you for a 30-second television spot during the game, you could get a week’s worth of Snapchat’s sponsored lenses – a virtual bargain at $700,000/day given you get about 250 million impressions. Or does your mouth water at the chance of getting 1.6 billion Facebook impressions and 500 million video views? You could reach every Twitter user 10 times over and get yourself 3 billion impressions.

Or you could get 2.5 billion Instagram impressions or 2.63 billion display ad impressions. Which would you choose? It’s 2016, that should be pretty easy. Some suggest this will be “Twitter’s Super Bowl” after last years 29 million discussions about the game, but that will be telling given Twitter’s current state. Either way, it’s clear that Super Bowl is Digital advertising’s biggest day and some first time Super Bowl marketers like Wix have dedicated 60 staffers to it’s digital efforts around the game. And really, how long until we get to watch the big game in holographic form? Who’s going to win Super Bowl 50?

New Logos in a Social World

5. Logo Design in a social media world.

There really is nothing better than when brands take the leap and share their updated logos with the world. Better yet if they have accompanying launch videos. This week both Uber and The Toronto Maple Leafs did just that. For Uber, the company wanted to ensure that their complex story of a transportation network, not just a smug taxi service came through. Of course, in a world of instant reaction on social media not everyone is a fan. Joshua Topolsky writes, “Dear Uber: your old logo was very bad but useful. Your new logo is very bad and useless. Yours truly, Everyone.”

Maximizing the degree of difficulty in logo redesign is when you make them for a long-standing sports team. Our Toronto office stayed up to watch the roll out of the new Toronto Maple Leafs logo – they even had a TV show to about it. Of course, in this tough town, most reactions to the new, history and nostalgia-influenced logo, were almost encouraging. In a poll of 25,998 people on SportsNet (as of Wednesday), 54% love it and only 8% hate it. Of course, 37% we’re underwhelmed with a “Meh.” Even media like 730 CKDM said, “The new Toronto Maple Leafs logo makes me hate them less now.” Which just makes us long for the days of logo design pre-social media.

Nice! Another week of digital marketing and tech news in the bag. Congratulate yourselves! Now onwards dear readers to the ridiculous ad showdown interrupted by a few plays in that football match this Sunday.


These words are by Jackson Murphy

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