Weekly Wins November 20, 2015

Nov 20th: A day in the life of Darth Vader

This week is all about living in the moment. We take a look at scientific evidence for popular health supplements, the virtual reality revolution, Royal Caribbean’s livestream dream vacation, we take a sneak peek at Death Vader’s daily life, and look at the effect of ad-blocking on our current reality.

So, dive into the moment with a fun cocktail, cool bottle of beer or a fancy glass of wine and devour the top digital marketing news in this week’s edition of, The Weekly Wins.


1. Livestream Envy

The Royal Caribbean and Periscope joined teams and brought the perfect holiday livestream to NYC billboards. Avoiding the Instabragging and Facebook newsfeed of amazing images is no longer possible, for the folks in New York City anyway. The campaign “Come Seek Live” from agency MullenLowe, broadcasts the adventures of a team of travelers across five Caribbean destinations. It’s enough to make you think about going on a curse. I’d say that’s mission accomplished.

“All this to somehow transform your seething jealousy as you walk into the subway into the holy grail of purchase intent.”

2. Data of Health Benefits

Information is Beautiful is a website that turns ideas and data into beautiful, easy to digest pieces of content. This week they issued Snake Oil Supplements, a piece that’s focused on showing the ‘scientific evidence for popular health supplements.’ They distinguish the supplements that are strong, good, promising, inconclusive, slight, none and harmful. With a ‘worth it line’ to stop you from wasting your time. It’s well worth checking out.


3. A Day in the Life of Darth Vader

If your week has been stressful, busy or just plain unentertaining, we suggest you to take a look at Pawel Kadysz latest project featuring Darth Vader in his everyday life. These ‘amateur’ selfies are awesome.

“A daily life of Darth Vader portraying the Sith Lord as just a normal guy with everyday life problems.”


4. Building VR the New Art Form

There is no denying that Virtual Reality is a new art form and like so many, we are still at the beginning of creating that untainted true experience that transforms our senses into blushing believing fools. VR is being heavily invested in and films, journalism, sports and gaming are embracing it big time. The New York Times published an article this week titled, A Virtual Reality Revolution, Coming to a Headset Near You, that takes us through our virtual reality journey so far. This is a must read.

“We’re at the brick-size cellphone days of VR.” Ted Schilowitz, the in-house futurist at 20th Century Fox

5. Ad Blocking and Life

It wouldn’t be a week in digital if ad blocking hadn’t been discussed. This week marketers have been looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. In an article in Advertising Age, Could Ad Blocking Really Dampen Democracy they discuss the impact, if any, in politics. According to this article a Tech Crunch article suggested that this ad-blocking move will distance the consumer from the democratic process. Ad Age argues that the ‘the bigger concern may be how long web publishers that cover elections can thrive if their readers continue to adopt ad blockers and tamp down the flow of revenue.’ One thing we can all agree on is that this is a fight where everybody stands to lose a little something.


It’s the little moments that matter the most. So have a wonderful weekend packed with great moments and be thankful you belong to none of these.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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