Weekly Wins October 7, 2016

Brands get hit

We’re talking Samsung’s obsession with fire, IBM’s AI trailer, the Houseparty App, Vegan Cheese (wait for it), and Britain’s most hated bank.

It’s a harsh digital landscape out there. Celebrate your survival with a cold beverage¬†and a dose of the top digital goss. This week it’s juicy!

1.  Bank relies on robots to express empathy

Robots are everywhere and everybody wants them. Most¬†brands, however, aren‘t relying on them to establish empathy. Britain’s most hated bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland according to a Quartz article, is¬†using IBM to stir the emotions of customers. They say it’s a¬†chatbot¬†with¬†similarities to¬†Siri,¬†with personality and a distinct voice. It¬†will answer questions, request services, help change PIN numbers or replace lost cards. The article is well worth a read.

It’s about cost-cutting to an extent. Banks face a huge cost challenge as they go forward, but it can be done in a way that augments customer service

2. Welcome to Houseparty

Houseparty¬†is brought to us by the¬†meerkat¬†folk, it’s the startup’s latest pivot, and it might just payoff.¬†Meerkat’s¬†competition¬†was intense with Facebook live and Periscope forcing the team to shirt positions.¬†Houseparty¬†is an¬†iOS¬†app that allows up to eight¬†people¬†on a video chat. The app has rooms, notifications and an opt out option if somebody is invited to your party who you don’t quite like. This idea is cool, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for the Houseparty team.

We didn’t want to be a theatre, we wanted to be a house party

3.¬†Sainsbury’s play back

The recent release¬†of a coconut vegan ‚Äėcheese’ product sent a customer in a well-founded¬†tizzy on Facebook. Stirring up frustration at a¬†product¬†that is clearly not cheese being labeled cheese. In his rant he suggested they name it Gary.¬†Sainsbury¬†reacted perfectly with a little¬†rebranding¬†of the product. Meet Gary,¬†Sainsbury’s vegan¬†cheese.

4. ¬†IBM‚Äôs Watson makes AI trailer about ‚ÄėMorgan‚Äô AI movie

According to GeekWire, ‘IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence team programmed a computer to come up with a scary trailer for the thriller, Morgan’. The movie is about an AI super-human who turns evil. The trailer is well executed and packed with suspense, but¬†with the added knowledge¬†that an AI helped make it the trailer is killer (pun intended). Hat’s off to the producer, I can’t think of a better way to stir excitement.

Hi Morgan

5. Galaxy Note 7 catches on fire, again.

A replacement Galaxy Note¬†7 caught¬†on fire. According to The Verge this replacement was ‘deemed safe by Samsung’. The incident took place on a Southwest flight from Louisville to Baltimore. The flight was evacuated before taking¬†off and the phone apparently burned through the carpet and scorched the subfloor of the plane. Samsung what’s happening?

These words are by Michelle Knight

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