Weekly Wins October 21, 2016

Digital exploration

Brands are playing with consumer wants this week. We explore Facebook at Work, Facebook messaging, Google Pixel, Speech Recognition wins, and kids becoming Ikea designers.

Enjoy that Friday feeling with this week’s top digital marketing news in this edition of, The Weekly Wins.

1. Facebook at Work – who knew?

Slack has a competitor! Meet Workplace, created by Facebook. Workplace is supposedly, an ad-free space, separate from your personal Facebook account. It connects everyone in a company and turns ideas into action. Through group discussion, a personalized News Feed, and voice and video calling, it’s designed for collaboration. It’ll be interesting to see how this takes off.

2.   Google Pixel review

The Verge did a review on the Google’s first phone, Pixel and according to them it’s a Google phone inside and out, and is sold directly by the company to a mass audience for the first time. Quick article summary: the good stuff is the long battery life, it’s fast and powerful and Google Assistant, now for the bad stuff (according to the Verve) it’s not waterproof, the design is ‘pedestrian’ and Google’s take on Android needs more polish. Our dev team is currently playing with it so we’ll keep you posted. Give the article at read it’s packed with more juicy tech stuff.

It matches or beats the IPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7 edge.

3. Facebook echo Snapchat-like messaging

According to mashable, Facebook is testing Snapchat-like messaging for Messenger Day in Australia. It apparently allows you to link video and photos, while adding stickers or doodling, in a feed that expires in 24 hours. One of the local Mashable employees says it’s less intuitive then Snapchat and Instagram stories. We’ll have to take the Ausies word for it.

4.   Speech recognition

It wouldn’t be the Weekly Wins if we didn’t chat a little AI. Venture Beat took a closer look at Microsoft’s claim that speech recognition is now on par with humans. According to the article, researchers ‘pitted Microsoft’s NIST 2000 automated system against professional transcriptions and found for the first time a higher error rate amongst humans than computers.’ This article is well worth a read.

This marks the first time that human parity has been reported for conversational speech

5. Ikea’s mythical treasure

With a line like, ‘For kids, by kids’ it’s hard not to get excited about this fun marketing piece. Harnessing the imaginations of children Ikea have created a line of stuffed toys referred to as “mythical treasure”. Ikea had the greatest pool of creative talent drawing from a pool of 52,000 drawings that came in. They picked 10 to turn into plush toys that are identical to their drawings. And to top it all off a portion of the sales will be donated to kids’ charities. Smart work.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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