Weekly Wins January 27, 2017

Digital for good

Oh what a wonderful world! It’s been a week of good digital deeds. We take a look at a snack that helps stop drunk driving, 8 innovations for the homeless, GM’s SDK, AI wins poker, and Twitter turns into a dream machine.

Choose a beverage of your choice, sit back, and toast the best side of digital while enjoying this week’s edition of The Weekly Wins.

1. Tostitos will tell if you’re too drunk to drive

Tostitos have taken it upon themselves to help stop drinking and driving, and their bottom line. They are introducing a new bag that can tell if you’re drunk and convince you to call an Uber if you are. This is all in light the Super Bowl and big marketing teams building excitement. The Tostitos Party Bag is outfitted with sensors to detect alcohol on a person’s breath. If you’re in the clear, the bag turns green, but if your breath is boozy, then the bag turns red with the message, “Don’t drink and drive.” For a fun read check out Barstool Sports, where the journalist is more shocked at the chips betrayal than anything else.

2. GM’s drive for connection

TechCrunch is stoked on GM’s new SDK for in-car infotainment apps that offer access to nearly 400 data points. GM’S SDK allows creation of apps using HTML5 and JavaScript, running off of Node- something most coders already know, essentially speeding up app development. Apparently, it’s all about driving the connected vehicle forward. Their “next generation infotainment software development kit” makes remote developing a possibility and can even simulate all the data that would be available to developers in a real car.


“Historically, the automakers haven’t made it very easy for partners to really utilize the connected vehicle experience.”

3. A baseball dream almost comes true

The news is so often filled with mankind’s demise, but this week we get to celebrate the good that our new digital world offers. This week the Cleveland Indians told a fan he could throw out a first pitch if he got 100 million retweets. Let’s be honest that’s ridiculously high, but sheer determination and 175,000 people along with a Cleveland Cavaliers RT might help make Jack Lipscomb’s dream come true. Check out the tweets at Cut4. Or go onto Twitter and help out a guy with a dream.

4. AI beats poker champions

Worried about AI? In a casino in Pittsburgh, an AI program is beating poker champions for the first time according to The Washington Post. Carnegie Mellon’s Tuomas Sandholm, and his PhD student Noam Brown have created a poker playing AI called Libratus. Poker compared to games like chess are a lot more difficult for AIs because of the hidden social ques. But that’s holding Libratus back, at the moment he (or maybe she) has been facing off against four world-champion poker players in a Pittsburgh casino. You will have to wait until the end of the month to see how he does. Just out of curiosity, who would you back?

"Libratus has had the lead since the outset."

5.  Digital for good

Mashable have covered the top 8 innovations helping the world’s homeless populations around the world. Some are slightly more questionable than others, but let’s throw our hands in the air and pay homage to those using digital for good. The article covers the ‘transformer of jackets’, an all weather tent, contactless giving, donation via a beacon, a platform for the homeless to ask for what they need, showers for the homeless, free AI legal help, and an algorithm who picks out the best anti HIV campaigner in a group of friends. This article will make you happy about life.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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