Weekly Wins October 23, 2015

Oct 23: The future is now and it’s streaming

What’s free, what’s not, what’s changing, and what’s blowing our minds? This week Disney and Youtube showed their paid streaming hand, Canada chose a new leader, oh, and Star Wars totally broke the Internet.

And the fun is only beginning so grab a cold one, get comfortable and get on top of all your digital marketing news in The Weekly Wins.

“You mean you have to use your hands? That’s like a baby’s toy.”

1. Hello, goodbye, tomorrow.

The Internet got stormed with content of the future with “Back to the Future II” arrival date shaking everybody’s calendar. Visual News did a fun piece on the 5 predictions the movie got right and 5 it got wrong. The first prediction was hands-free Video Games, TV Glasses, Video Conferencing, Targeted Advertising, and Tablet Computers. The predictions that were wrong were rehydrating food, flying cars everywhere, laser disk would still be around, hoverboards, and the cubs still haven’t won the World Series. If you want to get a little more scientific then have a read of ‘The Physics of Back to the Future’. For marketers it was interesting to see how brands like Toyota, USA Today, Nike and Pepsi all got into the nostalgia of the future.

2. YouTube goes freemium

Welcome to YouTube Red, where premium YouTube tier viewers can now watch videos without ads and save videos for offline. YouTube is the world’s biggest online video site and this move has been predicted for a while now. They are offering exclusive content, such as a feature-length movie based on the “Unicorn Island”. But it doesn’t stop there, they are also formalizing their role in online music with the launch of a new app, YouTube Music. If you want to know more have a read of Fast Company’s article ‘YouTube Inches Toward Netfilx with its New Paid Subscriptions Tier’.

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads " - Doc Brown.

3. Disney are also following Netflix

The United Kingdom will soon be able stream the most popular movies for little kids or adult children. Who doesn’t love a bit of light Disney watching, right? Disney have now made streaming possible in its first Netflix-style streaming service, bringing its stable of princesses to just about any screen. The channel is called DisneyLife, it will cost £9.99 and will launch in November. Disney at your fingertips online or off, who could ask for more?

4. Star Wars broke the Internet

Did you know the second most spoken language in the Star Wars universe is Huttese, due to popularity among criminals? The latest Star Wars trailer for ‘The Force Awakens’ almost broke the Internet this week – piling up over 40 million views so far. From film pictures to art, Star Wars has rocked, shaken and moved the digital sphere and that’s only the trailer. Wired shared every great moment in the new Star Wars trailer, one to last you everyday until the premiere on December 18th. If you are looking for some juicy Star Wars fodder, according to Mashable this is the supercut you absolutely have to watch.

5. Canada’s Next Leader Results

Canada’s Next Leader is an exciting project we created with Tradable Bits. Now that its countdown clock is sitting at 0 and the votes are in, the next leader has been chosen by the Canadian people. These are a few of the results, Justin Trudeau (Liberal party) has owned the buzz with a 240M social reach and 39K posts and won the election, all while our country map remains decidedly orange for discussions about the NDP. The most commonly associated keywords used were government, Canadians, prime minister, Margaret, justintrudeau. The majority of key media organizations covered the Liberals. For more fun numbers check it out for yourself: http://canadasnextleader.com


Get ready for the future

We hope you enjoyed another entertainment centric digital week. Get ready for a future of it and prepare your fingertips for streaming, streaming and more streaming.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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