Weekly Wins August 28, 2015

Aug 28: Emotion in design & the future of sports data, politics & TV

Data makes the world go round. It can be the difference between winning or losing, surviving or becoming vintage, changing the world or falling into the background. This week, data is king.

Fact: According to Huffington Post, ‘80% of all alcohol consumed in Canada is beer’. So, grab a beer and catch up on the top digital marketing news in this week’s edition of The Weekly Wins.

1. Emotion, the tool to a healthy design.

Design is still a young beast, one that can only be tamed by emotional intelligence according to Beth Dean, author of Emotional Intelligence in Design. In her article she discusses how design decisions have evolved from data-ignorant to data-driven, and how we work to engage and garner page views, purchases or video plays, but forget that design has an emotional impact. Emotional Intelligence is defined by five characteristics, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and people skills, and without them what we create could impact our users lives negatively. We highly suggest you give this one a read.

"We don’t stop being humans when we go online.”

2. The Future of Sports Data

The NFL has embedded radio frequency chips in every player’s shoulder pads, a rather exciting move for the die-hard fan. It means placing the audience, regardless of distance, in the know-how. They will know just how fast and far each player can run. The NFL are working with Zebra Technologies to establish this inside view, using it to measure the fleet, merchandise and other assets. Walking in somebody else’s shoes has just gotten a whole lot easier.

“It’s a new way to quantify and analyze the game, and we think it can really revolutionize the N.F.L. ecosystem.” – Vishal Shah, the league’s vice president of media strategy and business development.

3. Digital really is killing the TV star.

Cash is flowing fast from old television to new Internet properties. While every screen is getting a lot more divided attention, the TV is being rapidly abandoned. A chart from comScore shows that digital media has grown exponentially, increasing 49% from 2013 to 2015. Despite this growth digital media ad spend will still only account for 26.8% of total ad spend by 2019. According to Statscan, “TV ad sales fell by $190.9 million from 2011 to 2014, as continued consumer adoption of services like Netflix.” TV may still be capturing the revenue, but they are dropping attention minutes – the stuff the money is made of.

“TV Channel Guide from the future.”

4. Colourful Politics

We came across this beautiful website and were instantly blown away. Pollenize is a simple, clean, unbiased guide to the 2015 Canadian Federal Election. The graphics are engaging and the copy short and uncomplicated. They do a great job in breaking down each main parties’ platforms point-by-point and gives the information a user would need to make an informed decision come election day. It certainly injects colour into the previous black, white and grey political wasteland.

5. Target makes Vogue digital

Vogue, a previously ‘stubbornly’ analog platform just entered the digital arena with Target. Target used agency Mother New York to connect with smartphone users, then tapped Shazam to bring their physical pages into a content rich digital realm. 2015’s all about breaching the online and offline worlds, seamlessly. However Target was alone in this transition to digital, with the majority of other brands staying physical with the odd splash of a hashtag.

“Brands must have clearer, more distinct points of view that can extend beyond the page in ways that both build on the story and close the deal. Target figured out the balance of inspiration and utility for each touchpoint – it’s a great win for them.” – Jessica Navas, evp at Erwin Penland.

Whether you’re directing the data, creating it, or analyzing it, this week’s digital marketing news has definitely been dedicated to the nerd buried within.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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