Weekly Wins December 4, 2015

The future of UX

The future of UX and UI are hot topics in the digital-sphere this week. UI is disappearing, how mobile is overtaking home internet, Spotify owning the market, the journalism startup that’s winning and Facebook’s live video streaming.

It’s early December, let’s enjoy the pre-holiday calmness and catch up on this week’s top digital marketing news in this edition of, The Weekly Wins.


 1. The big change in UI

Tony Abue wrote an article titled, ‘No UI is the New UI’ and suggests that apps Magic and Operator are the future. His article is all about ‘Invisible’ and ‘Conversational’ apps. According to Tony messaging is at the center stage in the future of App design. It is a fascinating read looking into robot’s passing the Turing test, the technological tiller, and the future for designers.

In a future where computer can see, talk and listen and reply to you, what good are going to be your awesome pixel-perfect Sketch skills?

2. Mobile Broadband Overtakes Home Internet

There are 3.2 billion people online and mobile is the most popular vehicle used to get people there. According to the Tech News article, ‘The ITU’s figures show that just as mobile cellular subscriptions have overtaken those of fixed phone subs, mobile broadband subscriptions (47.2%) have now overtaken not only fixed-broadband subscriptions (mere 10.8%), but households with Internet access (46.4%). What does this mean for design and user experience with our soon to be audience?


3. Turn your panoramic photo into a 3D experience

Google’s new app for Cardboard is integrating our traditional photo experience and upgrading it VR style. The app stitches together 3D panoramas so users can create their own virtual reality experiences. This app is a bridge from real to virtual with a click of a button, all in a move to beautiful UX and less UI.

Essentially turns your smartphone into an amateur VR camera.


4. The Content Startup that’s winning

A Dutch journalism platform just earned 40,000 paying members and $1.7 million. In a world where content is caught between Apple and a hard place, this is an impressive feat. In the TNW News article, ‘The Correspondent’ is winning crowdfunded journalism with 40,000 paid subscribers’; they discuss this accomplishment and the role of crowdsourcing as a solution to ad blocking. Apparently it takes great content (obviously), positioning, research and experimentation. Instead of one voice, they’ve created an avenue for qualified perspectives.

"Our platform allows journalists to function as true discussion leaders, inviting readers to share their expertise and then responding with their own findings. This collective research leads to richer, more well-founded stories." – Co-Founder Ernst-Jan Pfauth


5. Facebook are building live streaming

Facebook have tested their live video streaming for celebrities and other high rollers in an attempt to ‘capture more real-time content’. This week they rolled out a ‘live video’ option for the rest of us. This is Facebook’s total embrace of video to harness and share the moments with friends and family. It will display the number of live viewers, the names of friends who are watching, and real-time comments as they’re written. This article is pretty interesting.

With all these changes, some beautiful, some vague, the future is very exciting. It’s our relationship with machines that will define the UX and all that it entails. The less barriers the more intimate the experience and closer we get from a – b or u – x.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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