Weekly Wins February 24, 2017

More than brands

Today, everything is a brand, and every brand evolves with the living, online and off. This week fans call NFL plays, Instagram gives us more, we get a VR zoo, brands adopt VR visuals, and Apple’s new spaceship campus is something else.

Soak up that Friday feeling, take some ‘me’ time, and enjoy this week’s edition of the Weekly Wins.

1. Fans call the play

In world where everything seems crowdsourced, it’s no wonder sports is going in the same direction. The Screaming Eagles, is a football team that is already controlled by fans with smartphones. According to Slate, it’s ‘just a few dudes with an app and a dream who, if all goes to plan, could fuse the gap between live sports, massive multiplayer videogames, and fantasy geek analytics.’ Welcome to the world of “Interactive football.”

“This is, in essence, a melding of mind sports with live sports.”

2. Instagram gives us more

This week Instagram announced that all Insta fanatics can share multiple photos and videos in one post on the platform. According to their blog post, this means you no longer have to choose the single best photo or videos from an experience you want to remember. Now you can combine up to 10 photos and videos in one. Enjoy!

3. Conservation efforts meet VR

There’s nothing like a little digital for good to start the weekend off right. VR Scout, published an article this week about Dubai’s effort to bring conservation efforts to life with a VR zoo, and we love it. Wevr, creators of theBlu, ‘have travelled across the globe to the Dubai Underwater Aquarium & Zoo in an effort to bring awareness and a new type of education platform to conservation efforts around the world.’ The future of education might, indeed be embedded in VR.

“All the speicies showcased could be lost forever in the near future without intervention”

4. What’s up with Apple’s spaceship campus?

Curious about Apple’s new spaceship campus? This week Fast Company shared all the juicy details. For starters, it’s 175-acres and will open to employees in April, moving more than 12,000 people into the new facilities. According to the article, ‘the campus’s ring-shaped, 2.8 million-square-foot main building is clad entirely in the world’s largest panels of curved glass, it will have a 1,000-seat auditorium dedicated to Steve Jobs, and a 100,000- square-foot fitness center for Apple employees including two miles of walking and running paths, an orchard, meadow, and a pond. Sign me up.

5. Brands in 2017

Hold on to your probably, very well branded seats, Fast Company shared 2017 predictions to be made by some of the world’s top brands. According to the article, brands will radicalize, brands will finally stop trying to trick you, symbols will become more than graphic icons, the visual language of VR will creep into meatspace, and finally, AI will force brands to examine their ethics. It’s an interesting read.


“Consumers are sick of the bullshit. And brands will have to adjust.”

These words are by Michelle Knight

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