Weekly Wins February 26, 2016

Content shapeshifters

The way we ingest content is getting more immersive and tasty. This week we take a look at Zuckerberg’s photo that created stirs, VR in the 80’s, Buzzfeed’s new video channel, Snapchat gifts and Facebook reactions.

Congrats you made it to Friday, which means reaching for a cold one and ingesting (old-school style) this week’s edition of the Weekly Wins.

1. The Zuckerberg Pic that stirred the net

The image below shook the fence so many people have called home when it comes to VR. It was taken at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona. Well it shakes the ‘perchers’ it paints a fairly grim picture of the future for those who don’t fully understand the power of the headset. This week I sat down with Creative Director Jackson Murphy to talk VR with all the trimmings from the Vision Summit 2016, but to get that you need have a listen to our most recent PoundCast.

It looks more like he's planning to steal our brains

2. Buzzfeed’s first all-video app

Watching Buzzfeed’s videos couldn’t be easier with their new app. It looks like storytelling is all about video lately. People seem hungry for highly entertaining stories and video is satisfying that craving. The experience according to Tech Crunch is “a super simple experience”. The user can find the trending videos and brows/subscribe. And, the auto video means that now consumers can be immersed in another video based time suckhole.

A large audience connected to Buzzfeed doesn't even know the full breadth of our content

3.  VR 1980’s Style

Some people have been waiting a very long time for VR to happen. UPLOADVR wrote a fascinating article about just that, where they gleefully point out why it might not have worked and how excited they are to start building their VR landscapes. They added, ‘the desire to go old-school comes from a desire to return to a time when vivid imaginations played a much larger role in expanding horizons like they did for those games of yesteryear.’

Plus they would probably perm-burn the high score on your retinas and warp your neck vertebrae with their weighty CRT displays


4. Get ready for your Snapchat present

Snapchat are thanking their users by helping them celebrate their birthday with a free filter. The filter is called Birthday Party. Users can play with their birthday filter for that day and that day only. To avoid awkward forgotten birthdays Snapchat will now put a little cake emoji next to your buddies name too. They are also adding filters for the big life moments and culture events, so get filtering.


5. Facebook give you room to react

Being social means sharing more than words. With body language missing from our social digital lives expressions have been lost. Facebook is about to change that with their new tool “Reactions” which means we can finally go beyond “liking”. There are 5 new buttons that appear as animated emoticons that represent sadness, anger, love and more. While some worry about diminishing our language others love it. Have a read of the Globe and Mail article to dive a little deeper.


And while content is transforming, the war on Ad’s continues with Forbes forbidding those with adblockers to view their content. You’re left to  wonder how much of their content will now go missed? On that note we’ll leave you with a little VR taster.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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