Weekly Wins November 28, 2015

A week of digital beauty

This week keeping the Internet beautiful was a priority for many. With good reason to ad block, beautiful information, live face projections, immersive light installations and the art of video games, the beauty of the Internet was an important goal for the digital nation.

We’d suggest you step away from the Black Friday crazy with a nice glass of something special and enjoy the top digital marketing news in this week’s edition of, The Weekly Wins.

1.  I’d Like To Teach the World to Ad Block

Besides having an awesome title, this article rings true. The writer Joe Marchese, discusses the beautiful potential that ad blocking could bring to the online world and advertising. He suggests creating a “whitelist” of quality publishers and to disable ad blockers for those. He finishes the article with a challenge to create what consumers will turn their ad blockers off for. This is well worth a read.

“Ad blockers should be an industry-wide wake-up call. The situation with digital advertising is so dire that the only fix might be to reset.”

2. Who old are you?

Information is beautiful, have done it again. They have created a beautiful infographic that stacks you up against other people’s accomplishments called ‘who old are you’? It’s both inspiring and devastating, so if you’re feeling a little fragile maybe save this one for next week and rather check out their ‘Common Myth Conceptions’ – they’re both equally as entertaining.

3.  The beautiful art of video games

Laura Hudson wrote an article about the beautiful video game Beyond Eyes, where the task is to help a blind girl find her cat in a world where you see without eyes. The character, Rae, is a young girl who lost her sight in an accident. Her cat goes missing and you have to help her find it by painting the reality. She relies on touch, sound and memory. According to Laura this is ‘a game where almost all you do is wander, imagine, and watch the world unfold.’

‘The world paints itself around you.’

4.     The awesome world of live facial Projection Mapping

Tattoo artist Kat Von D redecorates her skin during a live audiovisual experience. And it truly is beautiful. This digital makeup came to life with real-time face tracking, string music and Sephora. Von D now has her own beauty line and this event was the launch. It was beautiful, breathtaking and a great way to enhance the art in makeup.

‘These performances will likely spread out in the future and continue to give viewers of the arts more to appreciate.’

5.     Building Artful Tunnels

This Immersive Light Installation in a tunnel is eye candy for any driver. Jannes Linders shares a light installation by Dutch designer Herman Kuijer. The installation was set up in a tunnel in the Netherlands. The artwork had to be beautiful and interesting while maintaining road safety standards. A job well done.

It’s finally Friday, and time to sit back, give yourself a tap on the back for having an awesome week and look forward to that well deserved sleep in. But before you do all that here’s a little more beautiful entertainment.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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