Weekly Wins June 8, 2018

Fortnite, Jagger Tweets and more!

Weekend Again!

Another 5 day work block in the books! Good job, you did it. Go ahead and take a minute to enjoy it with a quick recap of the week’s digital highlights.

1. Mighty Fortnite

Fortnite has some incredible power. This is the game that infamously kept a teen captivated while a tornado ripped roofs off of houses.

To those amongst that are uninitiated, Fortnite is an interactive role player game that requires requires 100 players to join in a battle royale scenario wherein they fight until there is only one player left. This player is crowned victorious and lauded as a true champion amongst his/her peers in the gaming community. The game is free to play but the fun–and genius–of it is that it is that it is ever-changing. Players are enticed to buy fun add ons to their avatars, like outfits and weapons. And buy them they do. In droves. So much so that Fortnite earned almost $300 million in April alone.

The popularity of the game is phenomenal. So much so that we have entered an era in which video games, niche though they may be, are capable of outperforming Hollywood blockbusters. This may not come as a surprise to anyone that has followed the rise of gaming tournaments. What does this say about the future of entertainment? Are we hungry for active entertainment over the passivity of, say, watching a movie? Or will gaming remain niche, albeit to a huge cohort?

Tough to say. One this is for sure: gaming is very lucrative.

2. Macro Buy From Microsoft

Big news coders. The ubiquitous code repository, Github has been purchased by Microsoft for a whopping 7.5 billion dollars. The move comes after Microsoft killed its own Github competitor to Github, Codeplex back in December. Microsoft’s almost universally liked CEO, Satya Nadella, is cognizant of the fear that many coders have expressed at hearing the news. The fear is fair. Change is scary, especially when it affects your work.

For the average non-coder, this probably does not seem like exceptionally interesting news. It just sounds like one company buying another. You should know though, that this will undoubtedly affect how the internet looks and works for you. If not now, eventually.

It’s kind of like politics. It’s tough to see how the decisions made today will affect tomorrow. They do though. They really do.


3. YouTube Heartache

A YouTube couple has broken up. What is a YouTube couple you may ask? Well it’s a couple who make cutesy videos together as a couple, who, in this case, have the power to garner upwards of 20 million followers.

YouTubers prove over and over again that as a society we love stories about people. As a natural extension of reality TV, YouTube personalities begin to feel like people we know. We see them at their best and we see them at their worst. In this case their followers saw some raw emotion from David Dobrik and Liza Koshy, as they released a video in which they described their breakup. The internet buzzed with it for a minute.

There are many other fish in the sea and David and Liza will bounce back. After all, no one wants to give up 20 million followers…

4. Dorky Dad Swagger

Mick Jagger used to be with it. Then they changed what it was.

A hilarious find has shone some light on Mick’s Twitter use.

The man behind some of the biggest hits that the music world have ever known, an icon, an undeniable rock god, has revealed himself to be be a dorky dad. It turns out that Mick Jagger is just like many of our parents, who can’t resist invading our social media worlds with cringe-worthy but loving comments.
It’s always weird when the hero veneer is stripped away and you see a rock star as a human. Really, we should give some credit to Mick Jagger though. The man is 74 years old. It’s amazing to see that he’s stayed savvy, rather than descending into tech obscurity like many of his generation have preferred to do. Nice to see that he’s a doting dad too. It does kind of take away from the sexy swagger that he’s known for though.

Jagger Swagger

5. Reddit Robot

Terminator. Ex Machina. I, Robot.

Anyone that has ever watched basically any movie at all knows that the natural conclusion to AI is that the machines will revolt and attempt an overthrow of their human masters.

So why, any sane person would logically wonder, would MIT actually program an AI to be a psychopath??

The answer ostensibly, is that knowing how AI reacts to offensive material is integral to the prevention of a future psycho machine.

In this case, researchers fed the AI a particularly nasty sub-reddit. The AI, not surprisingly, took this info and ran with it. It’s answers to what it sees in rorschach tests were not super fun, to say the least.  

It’s for a good cause though. We’ve learned a valuable lesson here. Never let your AI anywhere near Reddit.

These words are by Nick Kewin

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