Weekly Wins March 8, 2019

Gamers, The Gram and Google Image Ads

Remember fun? We do. Life’s not all about work all of the time. You have to kick back and relax every now and then too. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some light pre-weekend reading about all of the digital world’s hot hits from the past week. 

1. Gaming the System  

Well, confirmation has arrived via the Wall Street Journal, video games actually can get you a job. It’s time to gloat to mom and dad who felt that you should put down the controller and get to your useless homework.

It turns out that when it comes to jobs that involve learning new software and navigating challenges deftly, a background in gaming may just be to your advantage. This would be obvious to a Gamer, but it appears that the gatekeepers of jobs are catching on. As one employer mentioned in the article, ‘they tend to be organized and adaptable problem solvers.’

We live in a digital world. Why deny the digital skills that we pick up organically? The stereotype of gamers is asocial introverts. No longer. It’s interesting to see a shift in employer attitudes toward a hiring process that takes into account the soft skills that gamers have picked up through their hobby that make them hot commodities in the workplace.

Block Busted

2. You See, You Want, You Buy  

At Shoptalk 2019 this week, Google announced that it will be introducing shoppable ads to images. A logical conclusion since, as Google’s President of retail shopping and payments has pointed out, 50% of online shoppers have made a purchase based on an image that they saw.

Makes sense. You see, you like, you want. Might as well make it easy for consumers to run through the funnel quickly and efficiently.

Google is not alone in this space. Rivals in the shoppable image world include Instagram, who offers a number of shopping tools for brands and Pinterest, who recently announced that shoppable ads will be rolled out at the top of search pages.

This all boils down to one more step in the direction of completely commodified digital-social experience. Embracing it means a shopping experience par excellence, even if it does take away from a more organic search experience.

3. Vacay No Way  

Here’s a new one to chew on: vacation shaming.

Even more unbelievable on given the bad rep that millenials and Gen Z get in the workplace is that it’s these cohorts that are experiencing the brunt of this phenomenon. 76 percent of Gen Z and 63 percent of Millenials feel shame from the judgement of their coworkers for taking time off.

This is bad for a litany of reasons: it affects mental health, stamina, overall performance and general happiness.

It also affects the trillion-plus dollar global travel industry in lost revenue. Marketing efforts in this category are moot when vacation shaming is working against the favour of travel and tourism.

So let’s all do the world some good and vanquish the enemies of fun that engage in vacation shaming, ok?

4. The Ultimate Blockbuster  

This week the closure of a Blockbuster video store in Australia marked one step closer to ultimate demise for the former movie rental giant.

Even the name ‘Blockbuster’ can still conjure a heady nostalgic revelry from people who remember Friday nights spent traipsing the aisles of DVDs. Out with the old though. Blockbuster saw it’s domain diminished with the rise of Netflix, and never quite regained its marketplace foothold.

The Blockbuster in the world is in Bend, Oregon and it exists as a reminder of the march of progress and technology. Here today, gone when something more exciting comes along in the entertainment and technology spaces. Those with a true hankering for 90s nostalgia know where they can get their Blockbuster fix: Bend, Oregon.

Rue Cremieux

5. Seekers of ‘Gram Greatness 

Do it for the ‘Gram.

The phrase has become so commonplace that it would barely raise an eyebrow in most circles.

One street in Paris has had enough of people doing it for the ‘Gram, though. Like many other picturesque locales the world over, the setting has seen a flood of Instagram pilgrims to it in search of the next highly likable snap. The Parisiennes that actually live there are asking the municipality to install gates and limit the times that crowds can descend on the cobblestone street.

It’s not the first Instagrammable spot to see a plethora of activity, Macchu Piccu, and Iceland vistas spring to mind, but it is unusual for being a residential area.

Go ahead and get your ‘Gram on, kids, but please, do it responsibly.

These words are by Nick Kewin

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