Weekly Wins March 24, 2017

Shrinking JPGs, Marriott Social, Apple Clips, & Netflix

Google is making the Internet faster, Netflix knows when a show will be a hit, The Marriott’s social team is on point, and Apple Clips is tailored made for those snaps.

Can you believe we’re heading into the last week of March 2017? Let that distill in your brain for a second, then you pour a tall glass of something fun, and jump into this week’s Weekly Wins.

1. Google Is Making The Internet Faster

Google has their colourful little mittens in all sorts of fun things from VR to music videos, but at it’s core, they are helping to get information to those who search for it. And with the announcement of Guetzli, a new open source jpg encoder, Google is going to make the internet faster. Guetzli, which means “Cookie” in German is “a JPEG encoder for digital images and web graphics that can enable faster online experiences by producing smaller JPEG files while still maintaining compatibility with existing browsers, image processing applications and the JPEG standard,” as stated by Google themselves. In short, the Internet will be faster because¬†big photos doesn’t mean big files anymore. Thanks Google, you did it again.

Netflix recommends you keep binging

2. Netflix Recommends The Hits

Ever wonder how Netflix’s track record remains so good when it comes to their own shows? Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Stranger Things, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – all massive hits with viewers, and all Netflix Originals. Well, it’s because Netflix is using a much different promotional model than traditional television shows. Instead of competing with other shows in a specific time slot, Netflix shows are competing with recommendations. So, according to this article, Netflix positions their content as a recommendation and viewers are responding very positively. Now if they only stop that judgmental message they display after hours of binging. Yes I’m still watching Riverdale! get off my back!

3.¬†Marriott’s 24/7 Social Team

Is wasn’t that long ago when companies and brands saw social media as a cute trend, but my how things have changed. As social media continues to evolve into the only media for some, companies¬†are taking notice and adjusting their business plans and customer service models. Take for instance the Marriott Social Media Center where an entire staff creates social content, monitors all channels, and responds as quickly as possible. On one hand they have a dedicated staff ready to respond on a whim, and on the other hand there’s an entire staff of people closely monitoring all social channels looking for ways to get the Marriott brand in conversations. Kind of a double edged sword if you as me.

Assemble, edit & create with Apple Clips

4. Instagram Hits 1M Advertisers

The news of Instagram hitting 1 Million advertisers can be taken a couple of different ways. On one hand, that’s awesome for Facebook’s little sibling to hit 1M paying advertisers (although compared to FB’s 4M it doesn’t seem like that much). And they are doing it by targeting small businesses. But on the other hand, Instagram now has 1M advertisers to invade your curated feed of beautiful pics. We’re all for monetization, but it has to be done the right way. Here’s hoping Insta doesn’t completely sell out their user base as they continue to sell to advertisers.

5. Meet Apple Clips

Apple Clips won’t come out for another month or so, but when it hits, expect big news. Clips is a mobile video editing app that allows anyone to quickly stitch together videos and¬†photos to create a clip. I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t Instagram and Snap already do this?” Yes, they do, but as in-app video editors, their tech can be somewhat limited. With Apple Clips, you’ll be able to assemble, edit, create, and save your clip without tying it to a particular social network. From there, you can easily upload and share your clip on the social platform of your choosing. There’s a tiny piece of me that’s disappointed Clips wasn’t Apple’s version of Microsoft’s Clippy.

These words are by Scott L.

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