Weekly Wins August 12, 2016

Brands going for gold

What a week for the World Wide Web! Snapchat showed its dark side, VR is still cool (very cool), the Olympics inspire beautifully engaging web experiences and Instagram keep sharing stories like a pro.

Relieve your work week stress with a caipirinha and admire the world records, VR and the brand no-nos in this week’s edition of the Weekly Wins.

1. MTV own ‘Gaze-Activated’ VR at Comic Con

VRScout, the treasure chest of everything virtual reality talks about MTV’s introduction Gaze Activated VR Tech at Comic Con. Where viewers could view different experiences depending on where they were looking in a 360 video. In the live-action experience viewers are presented with several scenarios, when they gaze at their chosen route they’re taken on that particular adventure. A dramatic addition to this already engaging experience was the guided instruction that told them not to go in a direction, naturally, as predicted, that’s exactly where the VR curios wondered. The project was a joint effort between MTV, AT&T and the team of VR cinematic producers at Moth+Flame agency.

“With MTV, we wanted to tap into what the fans love about the show and do it in a way that implements this subconscious interactivity. It’s changing based on your behavior but you don’t know that it’s changing.”

2. Owning the Instagram Story.

NiemanLab have kindly highlighted the three brands owning Instagram Stories. This addition to Instagram came out last Tuesday and shares an uncanny likeness to Snapchat. It allows users to share real-time life updates. The article looks at The New York TimesNational Geographic and Sports Illustrated approach to the tool. It’s an interesting read, but the idea is quite straightforward – Instagram Stories are used for a slightly more raw approach to storytelling, but its still not as unruly as Snapchat.

 3. Snapchat’s dark side.

This one deserves a mention just for its headline; ‘Dear Snapchat: You’re a racist and I can no longer look the other way.’ Nate Swanner from The Next Web share’s his outrage at Snapchat’s latest filter. For the second time this year a Snapchat filter has stirred the ethical pot. The most recent filter is titled ‘Yellowface’ and it’s hard to deny that it’s in bad taste. We won’t ruin this (well deserved) rant. Have a read of it for yourself.



It’s either insensitive or flat-out racist

4. NBCU and Snapchat make a deal

According to an article in The Wall Street Journal ‘NBCUniversal is bringing some of its most recognizable brand names like SNL, Jimmy Fallon and The Voice to Snapchat in a multi-year deal.’ This is an interesting shift for the entertainment industry and the way we consume longer narratives. They’re going to kick off with “The Voice on Snapchat”. There will also be content created entirely for this platform alone.

The idea that you’re going to take a horizontal piece of content, even if it’s great, and just crop it vertically isn’t going to work.

5. Visa do VR and NYT show off gif style.

Visa go all VR in Rio and The New York Times embrace the giphy. Visa and CBC have collaborated to bring us the Olympics in Rio Live. We can watch over 100 hours of events Live in virtual reality an din 360-degrees. Who could say no to that? Even if you aren’t an Olympic fanatic it’s pretty cool. They’re offering it up using Samsung GearVR, cardboard device or on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. While Visa are concentrating on the here and now The New York Times have built a beautiful gif-driven web experience showcasing America’s best athletes and chances of gold.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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