Weekly Wins December 21, 2018

Home Alone, Die Hard and Holiday Fun

It’s the last Weekly Wins of 2018! 

 It’s not quite the holidays yet but we do have a sweet little bit of digital cheer to send your way. 

1. Google Home Alone

Google just tapped into the nostalgia mainline for a huge cohort of 90s kids that want nothing more for the holidays than to relive the glory that is Kevin Mcallister’s holiday trouncing of The Wet Bandits.

In a Google Home advert that spread through the internet like wildfire, Macaulay Caulkin reprised his role as the Home Alone hero, albeit with some self-referential jokes that poke fun at his age.

Things sure are easy for adult Kevin. All he had to do to thwart Harry and Marv this time around was as Google to do all the work.

As a 90’s child, I can safely say that the commercial was the first thing that fully kicked me into Xmas holiday mode. I can also safely say that I’ve never wanted a Google Home more. Mission accomplished on all fronts, well done Google.

2. Die Hard for the Holidays 

The holidays approacheth and the eternal yuletide debate is heating up: is Die Hard a Christmas movie? It may not be a traditional feel-good Christmas movie but

This year we have some help in the form of a data deep dive, courtesy of movie blog Stephen Follows. The blog rates Die Hard against the criteria of mentions of Christmas in the movie, Christmas references in the marketing materials for the film and the movie’s inclusion on IMDB Christmas movie lists. The last point presumably gives insights into the cultural conversations surrounding Christmas movies.

The conclusion? Die Hard is, in fact, a Christmas movie. Of course, this is something that John Mcclane acolytes have known for years. Conclusive evidence really only sweetens the deal.

Holiday so hard

3. Package Thief Relief 

Anyone that has ever known the pain of having a package stolen will appreciate the diabolical genius of the ex-NASA engineer that designed a package that explodes with glitter and releases a fart bomb to thwart any would-be thieves.

Oh, and he also devised a way to film the madness that ensues which makes everything about this more fun.

And, of course, the internet loved it. Geniusly devised comeuppance and hidden cameras are the stuff of clickbait dreams and this one did not disappoint.

4. Crypto Con Game  

At a time when Facebook appears to be non-stop mired in controversy, would anyone really want to trade money through the platform?

The biggest challenge that Facebook currently faces is that it has lost the trust of its users. And with good reason. To add to the litany of data breach scandals that have shaken the foundation of the platform in the past few years, it has recently come to light that both Spotify and Netflix were given access to users private messages.

Today it was announced that Facebook is creating a cryptocurrency that will allow users to trade money on What’s App.

Will this be a tough sell for Facebook at a time when trust levels are low? Or will it be a win that will change our economy as we know it? Only time will tell…

Glitter Bomb

5. The PewDiePie Challenge 

PewDiePie is going to war.

Once the undisputed king of YouTube, PewDiePie’s reign is now under attack by an Indian music label called T-Series. They both have 75 million subscribers.

PewDiePie, the 28-year-old who made his name as a gaming vlogger, is not having any of this. He’s enlisted his loyal fan base to rally behind him.

The owner of T-Series claims to not care about this at all. He says that he’d never heard of PewDiePie until a few weeks ago when this rivalry came to light.

It’s no doubt which of the two is more authentic in their desire to focus on their work and let fame happen as it will. Time will tell which of the two will be victorious.

The real question is, would anyone care as much as PewDiePie does?

These words are by Nick Kewin

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