Weekly Wins June 29, 2018

Design Canada, Doctor Bots and More!

The Weekly Wins return for another deep dive into digital news! 

1. Fiiiiieeeeld Trippp!!!

Pound & Grain Toronto went on a field trip!

At first glance it may seem like this info is not incredibly relevant to anyone outside of the Pound & Grain team. Here’s why it should be: we saw a sweet movie about design in Canada that would undoubtedly be interesting to anyone that is reading a digital marketing blog, such as The Weekly Wins.

Things we learned:

-how the Canadian flag was designed

-the design decision behind iconic Canadian logos like CN, CBC, Expo 67, Roots and more

Really, if you like art and you like Canada, the Design Canada documentary is a win for you.

This field trip was spearheaded by the Senior Designer of our Toronto office, Mark Cameron.

Here’s what Mark had to say about the doc: “I wanted to go because the film looked so fascinating from the get go. The promotional website is amazing (it won site of the day and site of the month on awwwards.com), the trailer, and all the other promotional pieces were so well put together, the movie couldn’t fail.”

Here’s why Mark invited all of us: “I wanted the group to go so I could seem cool (jk not jk).”

So there you have it folks, you can learn a few things about design while seeming cool to your friends for being in the know about a sweet little design doc.

It’s a win win!

2. More Musk Mayhem 

As the many avid Weekly Wins fans all know, we love picking on Grimes’ BF. There’s no real reason why we should. The man wants to change humanity for the better and he has the intelligence, ambition and wherewithal to do it. His accomplishments are as incredible as they are varied. BUT, he stole an image of a farting unicorn, and that’s not cool. Not cool at all.

When Elon initially tweeted an image of the unicorn on his favourite mug, the artist that created it was apparently thrilled. Less so, when he discovered that the image was used on the display panel of Teslas. At that stage he decided that he was deserving of some money.

It’s 2018 so of course this issue was aired publicly as a Twitter beef between Musk and the artist’s daughter. Musk says no dice to money, he doesn’t even want the image, it was used by his software team as a joke.

The artist and his daughter are chasing the wrong money-spewing, farting unicorn it would appear, Maybe Elon will promise them a ticket on the Space X mission that colonizes Mars. That seems like a fair trade.

No joke, this is the farting unicorn image

3. That’s Using Your Noodle! 

AI news on a weekly basis seems like a given these days. Tech moves fast and the demand is there so the breakthroughs seem to come at a breakneck pace.

This week, a startup called Noodle.ai announced a $35 million funding round led by Dell Technologies and TPG Growth.

Noodle.ai bills itself as an ‘AI As A Service’ company, or AIaas, a term that is not currently as ubiquitous as it’s cousin SAAS but with moves like this it’s fixing to be.

To sum it up, companies feed Noodle.ai their data and they let the bot do the heavy lifting when it comes to tricky decisions. Ironically, it’s the bean counters that will have to fight for their jobs when these services become the norm. Time was, the manual laborer was worried about keeping up with the might of the machines. Humanity will cross that bridge when we come to it though, we always find a way to soldier on.

In the meantime, here’s a quote from the CEO of Noodle.ai that sums up why one would want to utilize this service: “Learning algorithms are now practical and affordable, so there’s no reason not to use them to make better decisions.”

Tough to argue with that.

Canada Centennial Sidewalk in Toronto, as featured in Design Canada

4. Bots Taking Doctor Jerbs? 


Speaking of the robots taking our jerbs, a company called Babylon claims that it’s chatbot can outperform Doctors in assessing a patient’s needs. Doctors, for their part, say no dice to that.

The job of assessing a patient’s needs are not so cut and dried as the AI proclaims them to be, say the doctors. There are emotional factors that come in to play that a bot may never be able to recognize.

As a right-hand helper to Doctors though, AI would be immensely useful. Doctors, smart as they are, still make mistakes like all other fallible humans. Why not give them all the help they can get?

For now the debate rages on: is it true that AI will never truly be able to perform a doctor’s duties? Or are doctors just worried about losing their jerbs?

5. Facebook Fuhggeddaboutit 


Don’t like what you’re seeing on your Facebook newsfeed? Well get that garbage outta here!!!

In a world of news inundation, sometimes it can all just be too much. Maybe you just want to take a break from the tough stuff. Hide everything that doesn’t have to do with puppies.

Well now you can do just that, with a new Facebook feature that lets you snooze items that you don’t want to see.

Of course, this leads to more echo chamber news cycles, in fact, the very type that Facebook says that it’s working to eliminate, but give the people what they want seems to be the thinking here. What the people appear to want is more biased information.
Can you blame them though? Listening to people’s opinions that differ from your own is so incredibly hard.

These words are by Nick Kewin

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