Weekly Wins September 4, 2015

September 4th: Instagram & Googles big changes & more

Merging online and offline is the hot topic in the digiworld this week. Get ready for our screens to shrink and eventually fade away as online slowly merges with off.

But while we wait for this epic event we’d suggest you sit back, pick a beverage of choice and catch up on the top digital marketing news in this week’s edition of The Weekly Wins.

1. Instagram expands its perspective

Everyone’s favourite photo-sharing app has just made us and the 300 Million other Monthly Active Users very happy. Instagram have finally thought outside the square and released landscape and portrait options, and it makes sense. Version 7.5 has freed us all from the Insta square. All hail landscape, portrait, good business decisions and the bigger picture. Next up is turning it into the next level messaging platform.

"It's true, Version 7.5 has finally freed us all from the Insta square!"

2. A more natural user experience

We are on the cusp of a device free reality. Zero UI is about removing the screen between users and their devices. It’s about making technology part of our natural environments. We may never be 100% screen free, but the move away from interfaces is the direction we’re heading. Leading the way are gesture-based user interfaces championed by the gaming industry, where we’re less tied to controls and given a bigger spatial experience. Machine-learning technologies like NEST are helping this transition to less touch and more feel.

3. In search of burger peace.

What started out as an unexpected, almost romantic proposal from Burger King to Mcdonalds to make a ‘frankenburger’ baby named McWhopper, has ended in a public refusal. The proceeds were going to go to a nonprofit that provides educational resources to thousands of schools in 131 countries. Dished out by Peace One Day. Burger King was shut down with this vague reply, “We love the intention but think our two brands could do something bigger to make a difference. We commit to raise awareness worldwide, perhaps you’ll join us in a meaningful global effort?” It’ll be interesting to see where this goes. On social, it looks likes a pretty large faux pas by McDonalds. The decades long burger cold war continues.


Can't we all just get along and eat burgers?

4. Google’s Changed

But don’t worry it’s just gotten a little prettier. Google’s new logo is its biggest update in 16 years. It has been designed for the future of tiny screens and for any context. Google has integrated into our lives without us being fully aware. It works around us and stays out of our way. It helps us find stuff, store files, share them, shows us our direction, sells phones, laptops and so much, much more. Our daily search buddy is looking new and is looking good.

5. How powerful is your passport?

We breach the boundaries of border control everyday online. We surf the world for information, images, videos and ideas, but when things get physical your passport is vital. Passport Index is a fun website dedicated to rating the power of each countries passport. It works on a ranking system that establishes how many countries you can freely travel through without accessing any visas. Check it out for yourself. Spoiler alert: If you’re Canadian the world is pretty much your oyster, bar a few small spots.

See you out there!

Pick a country you can visit without a visa, grab a Whoppersomething, go wild with Instagram’s new options and celebrate Labour Day weekend with the digital marketing news and cold beer you deserve – like this lovely photo from Joshua Earle. Remember, always remember, that what happens offline will live online, forever. 

These words are by Michelle Knight

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