Weekly Wins April 15, 2016

Like a Boss

This week the digital world delivered like a boss. A geologist designed an app for the window seat, Facebook gets dished it’s worst nightmare, Snapchat emojis follow you, your emoji might not be the best communicator, and the world’s first virtual reality operation goes live.

Happy Friday fellow digital marketing nerds, it’s officially beer cracking, wine guzzling and shot shooting time. So sit back enjoy your beverage of choice and catch up on this week’s edition of The Weekly Wins.


1. The world’s first virtual reality operation goes live

The Royal London Hospital preformed an operation to remove a cancerous tissue from a bowel this week and streamed it live in 360-degree video. Giving medical students, trainee surgeons and curious members of the public an opportunity to immerse themselves in the procedure in real time. The surgeon, Shafi Ahmed, believes that VR, “brings a valuable new feature to education, allowing viewers to focus not just on what the surgeon is doing, but also on what other members of the team are up to”. The Guardian’s article is well worth a read.

This is what cancer looks like in reality

2. Shotgun the window seat again

Flyover Country is an app that will tell you what you’re looking at as you peer out of the window of an airplane. Flyover is part of an initiative called EarthCube and was designed by geologist Shane Loeffler. Next he wants to add augmented reality to the app, so you could simply hold up your phone and look through the data overlaid on the world below, “the same way that night sky apps do, just upside down,” he says. A cool way to turn daydreaming into a learning experience.

I realized that most people don't have my geology background, and that they might be missing out on some of the wonder of that view

3. Emojis move with you

Emoji innovations from Snap Chat put the one-size-fits-all emoji out with yesterdays trash. For Android Snapshat users they can now attach emoji to specific objects in their videos that will move, rotate, and scale automatically as the object moves throughout the snap. It’s changing the way users watch stories according to the article by The Verge.

4. Your emoji might be sending the wrong message

In a recent Gizmodo story the true efficiency of the emoji was outlined in a study by the GroupLens Research team at the University of Minnesota. Proving that the same-same-but-different problem is reeking havoc in our emoji communication from one platform to the next. The author of the study points out that, “emoji make up a larger and larger portion of our written language – about half of the characters used on Instagram are emoji – the meanings of these characters become even more important to examine.” The general advice being, stay clear of the “grinning face with smiling eyes” emoji for now.

5.         Facebook is losing love, fast.

According to Inc. the worst thing that could happen to Facebook is already happening. Users are tired of being the ‘givers’ in their relationship with Facebook. The thrill of giving everybody who is anybody an opportunity to dive into our personal moments is subsiding. Stereotypes have developed and ‘that person’ is the person who tells an uninterested world all their news. Facebook’s shift to please the advertiser has pushed their users away. It appears that users are now looking to lose their scrolling addictions.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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