Weekly Wins June 12, 2015

June 12th Mad Max Edition

Summer’s unofficially finally here and the great outdoors beckons. Vancouver’s got FIFA Women’s World Cup fever and Toronto’s getting loud with the Indy, and you’ve got two whole glorious days to enjoy yourself.

Before you cast off the shackles of industry, grab a cold one, and run naked and screaming into the streets, maybe you’d like to check out the hottest stories in the digital marketing world from the past week? We’ve got you covered. Here are The Weekly Wins: Mad Max Chrome Edition.

"Oh, what a day... what a lovely day!" - Nux, Mad Max, Fury Road

1. Hotel.com Gets Obviously Cleverer

In the ever-changing digital landscape, ad-makers are often forced in to new realms of creativity. Facebook ads now run on silent autoplay on people’s newsfeeds, making the challenge to get noticed that much greater. The challenge is not insurmountable though, as Hotel.com proves with its hilarious silent ads featuring their mascot, Captain Obvious. The bar is set. Who will raise it?

2. Periscope Museum Tours

Periscope is so new that it seems like the general population (barring submarine captains of course. Give us a ping, one ping only) aren’t quite sure of what to make of it. Early adopters are certainly excited about it, though, and more and more experiences are being offered through the service as a result. Periscope museum tours are just the tip of the iceberg. What will you be able to view from your phone next? We can’t wait to find out.

Bonus points on video: Mary Meekers 200 page deck on internet trends has some nice slides on the subject. Protip from our own @pescatore, who say, “go to page 22”.

3. The Would-be Warboys Get Chromed

Marketers put so much effort in to making something go viral, and it rarely works. So many factors have to converge to create the perfect storm of humour, interest and desire to make people want to click, like and share an item until it seems to take on a life of it’s own. Then, a movie comes out that inspires massive fandom and tongue-in-cheek nerdery (Mad Max: Fury Road) and a weird food product that not many people really wanted flies off the shelves and gets more Amazon.com traffic than its makers could have ever dreamed of.

4. Instagram Steps up Ad Game

Once just a dumping ground for selfies and food pics, Instagram is finally taking steps to let businesses of all sizes ply their wares on the platform. This will include a “buy” button that prompts users to act on that impulse and lighten up the wallet a little. For the casual Instagrammer this Facebookization of their favourite app may be, at best, troubling, but for the digital marketing set this news is more than welcome. Sure, they didn’t change CEO’s like Twitter, but between this and the roll out of the new look profile pages, Instagram had a pretty good week.

5. WWDC15 Aims to Wow Us

When game-changers speak, the world listens. Some of the highlights from this Apple’s WWDC this year include IOS 9, watchOS2 and of course, one more thing, Apple Music. Also, Drake was there for some reason, which is completely irrelevant but it’s cool that he’s repping the 6, right? And yes @Jacksonian, that’s still some bound to be cool one day shorthand for Toronto.

These words are by Nick Kewin

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