Weekly Wins April 21, 2017

Scratching The Surface Of Reality

Facebook reveals their augmented reality plans, Snapchat releases World Lenses, YouTube Live monetizes, Shopify makes a credit card machine that puts the competition to shame, and so much more. Grab a glass, find your favourite spot on the couch and nestle in for some digital goodness.

This week we’re delving into the future tech of social networks like Facebook’s big news about their focus on augmented reality and Snapchat’s release of the super-fun World Lenses. Then we’re going back into the real world to check out a new dating app and Shopify’s brilliant looking take on credit card machines. Buckle up kids, cause in the words of the officer Mike Lowrey, s#*t just got real.

1. Facebook’s Open Source AR

Augmented reality filters and camera features are all the rage. Think Pokemon Go! or Snapchat (we’ll get to that). Well, we better add Facebook to this conversation now. At F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference, Mr. Zuckerberg announced that they¬†will be implementing open source AR into the camera features.

In short, they are giving the ability to create AR filters to anyone who wants it. According to Zuckerberg, adding mustaches to our selfies is really only scratching the surface of augmented reality and one way Facebook can lead the way in terms of innovation is to hand the creativity over to its users. Here’s hoping funny faced photo overlays are just the beginning.

2. Snapchat World Lenses 

Speaking of AR, Snapchat’s latest update includes a small library of World Lenses. World Lenses are meant to add animated features to Snaps that aren’t just your face. Now Snappers can place 3D objects like animated rainbows and fun text into the real world.

Although Snap is currently referring to¬†these features as “painting the world,” we all know what they’re talking about. Augmented reality has been around for a while now, but¬†thanks to Snap it’s now easier and easier to create.

World Lenses bring AR to your Snaps

3. Make Some $$$ On YouTube Live 

Live video isn’t new. You can essentially broadcast from most social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Periscope. So why are we talking about YouTube Live now? YouTube users with 1,000 subscribers now have access to the Live. This is a significant drop as the threshold to use Live used to be 10,000 subscribers.

Having more Live broadcasters also means more opportunity for people to make money as comments within livestreams are monetized. Essentially you can pay to have your comment stick to the top of the thread during the livestream. And depending on how much you pay with determine how long your comment will remain at the top. You hear that Youtubers? Ka-Ching!

4.¬†Shopify’s Chip & Swipe

Shopify has been innovating in the e-commerce space for a while, but this latest innovation has to be one of the best yet. This week, Shopify introduced the Chip & Swipe, their very own portable credit card reader that is available to all Shopify subscribers.

The Chip & Swipe is the polar opposite of those giant, clunky card readers we’re all used to. It’s sleek, portable, connects to iOS and Android devices, and it’s 100% wireless and connects through Bluetooth. Shopify is currently running a promotion where new members get the Chip & Swipe for free, while existing members only need to dish out $29 to get one for themselves.

Chip & Swipe is the latest innovation from Shopify

5. Wireless Wingpersons

Dating in a digital era¬†has opened up a world of possibilities for both the people looking to pair up and the companies looking to make a few bucks helping them out. But there’s always been one group of people that have been largely ignored, the wingpeople. That is, until how. Wingman is a brand new app where friends¬†create the dating profile for each other.

Beyond profile creation, the wingperson also gets approve or deny potential dates before sharing them with their single friends.¬†This is the perfect app for singles who are sick of the initial back and forth communication and filtering, as well as the friends who are looking to vicariously date through them. So whether you’re single and looking for love, or you just wanted to see what it’s like to date online, Wingman is a win-win.

These words are by Scott L.

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