Weekly Wins April 14, 2017


McDonald’s turns to Snapchat for job applications, Twitter makes an app specifically for ranting, Autodraw auto-completes your sketches, and a whole bunch more. A short week calls for a long weekend, so dust off a tall glass and make it a double.

Tired of reading about United Airlines? You’ve landed in the right place. This week we’re focusing on some digital WINS so get ready to learn all about delivery bots, digital group payments, McSnapplications and more. On your mark. Get set. Thundercats are Gooooooooo!

McSnap Your Application Today

1. McSnapplications

As one of the biggest producers of food on planet Earth, McDonald’s requires a pretty large global staff. And sure, they could set up a booth at a career fair or rely solely on people filling out applications and physically handing them in at a location, but it’s 2017 and the workforce much more comfortable applying for jobs over social media. McDonald’s, being the digitally progressive brand that they are, have decided to take the torch and lead the way. If you live in Australia, you can now apply for a job at McDonald’s simply by sending them a 10-second Snap. Managers won’t hire you from a 10-second clip, but they will contact those applicants they’d like to bring in for an interview. Welcome to the future of job hunting – hope you’re on Snapchat.

2. Tweet-rants Made Easy

Most people can agree, ranting an emotional response in 140 characters is difficult. And for all that Twitter is and can be, when someone is on a roll, trying to cram an emotional response into a tweet can really break your rhythm. That’s where Stormcrow has stepped in. At $2.99 a pop, Stormcrow can take your rant and break it up into 140 character tweets that are properly numbered and ready to send out into the Twittersphere. So if you’ve got something to say and you can’t cram it all into 140 characters, Stormcrow is saying, “more power to you, rant away.”¬†¬Į\_(„ÉĄ)_/¬Į

Yeah, that's what I meant...

3. DoorDash Delivery Bots

Food delivery service DoorDash is starting to experiment with delivery bots, and as you can see with this video, it seems to be working. These bots are designed to withstand theft, weather, curbs, and even late night television, but they still seem to be getting on the nerves of their human delivery counterparts. DoorDash isn’t worried though, as they go on to explain how the delivery bots will be used only to deliver to close locations, leaving the longer, more tip-worthy deliveries to the humans. Not sure when this will roll out across North America, but I’m hoping it’s before winter…

4.¬†AutoDraw Makes You An Artist… Sort Of

Google loves to experiment and AutoDraw is no exception. Using machine learning, AutoDraw is a website that analyzes what you sketch, then offers you illustrated suggestions of what you might be thinking. Inside the walls of Pound & Grain, AutoDraw has been making its way around the desks of some of our more mature the designers, and let’s just say people have been sketching a lot of eggplants… Anyways, you may recognize the technology from Quick Draw, one of Google’s AI experiments from earlier this year.

Facebook Messenger tracks groups payments now!

5. Facebook Messenger Group Payments

One of the best digital trends of 2017 is the integration of applications within chat programs. Case and point is Facebook Messenger’s latest feature that allows those in a group conversation to calculate and track group payments. So if you’re out to dinner with a group of friends and¬†you don’t want to break up the bill, one person can¬†pay and Facebook Messenger will¬†calculate who owes what AND track who’s paid. That way nobody loses money, and everyone is accountable. And you know what happens when someone doesn’t pay what they owe.

6.¬†Burger King Let’s Google Home Do The Advertising

For those of you who work in digital content development, the 15-second pre-roll spot is all too familiar. For better or worse, 15-seconds isn’t a heck of a lot of time, so when you’re trying to explain something like, say, the finer points of a Whopper, those precious seconds just aren’t enough. Well Burger King seems have found a hack, and thy name is Google. In the short video, the employee looks directly into the camera and literally asks Google to explain the Whopper before the video ends. Quite a genius little hack if you ask me.

These words are by Scott L.

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