Weekly Wins January 20, 2017

Keeping up

This week brands are trying to keep it real while flailing, peacocking, and repeating. Getting it right is difficult for brands today, however, when they do get it wrong the fame of another brand’s mistake quickly replaces it – unless of course it’s in the Weekly Wins, then it lives on forever.

This week we take a look at digital moving to physical, Samsung will soon explain everything, brands get it wrong, selfies in VR, and Twitter befriends Insta.

If it’s been a bottoms-up-tops-down kind of week, then read the Weekly Wins and you’ll quickly realize you’re not alone in this crazy, unpredictable world of digital marketing.

1. Digital brands move to Physical Stores

The big question this week is, ‘Do Digital Brands Need Physical Stores?’ Business of Design tackled the question beautifully. While store doors are shutting, digital brands are exploring the concept of living in both the real and digital worlds. With physical stores brands get an opportunity to be discovered by those less tech-savvy consumers and gives customers an opportunity to try before they buy, while a digital presence means 24/7 sales and effective customer service. The brands that are making the switch are using their online data to make strategic offline decisions. For all those interested in ecommerce this is a must read.


We leverage our existing web sales to triangulate best opportunities to open stores.

2. Capture Photos in VR with Vive

It’s finally time to add VR pics to your Instagram grid of fame. In CES this year Vive unveiled The Vive Tracker. The tracker allows us to attach real-world items which VR Scout call an ‘unbelievable game-changer.’ It will allow developers to introduce new VR peripherals to their games and experiences. And, it’s already started to happen. Thanks to The Vive Tracker we can now take photos with the D3-U. I know, out of this world right?

Say cheese!

3. What Apple, Google, And Tesla Get Wrong

Co. Design shares their conversation with the author of The Design of Everyday Things and head of UC San Diego’s Design Lab, Don Norman. At the forefront of the conversation was Silicon Valley’s powerhouse companies. Norman believes, ‘Apple is too focused on aesthetics over functionality, Google has created a culture of perpetual beta, Microsoft are on the up, and Tesla are giving robots the wheel to carelessly.’ This article might sound all doom and gloom, but nobody said the truth cares about feelings.

Nothing is worse for a company than a company than a couple years of fantastic success.

4. Twitter and Instagram are friends now?

Some brands are more stubborn than others, and Twitter is the perfect example. According to Mashable, Twitter has joined the Instagram party six years late, but this year they’re making up for it. The move to leverage Instagram’s 600 million monthly active users to grow its base of 317 million comes days after Twitter cut its losses with their other apps. And apparently Twitter is all about questions, answers and trends.

It’s happening

5. Samsung’s explanation

While we’re on the brands that fail train, nobody takes the cake like Samsung, who failed in the greatest way possible. Their Galaxy Note 7 exploded and not in the everybody-wants-it-now way, but the your-phone-is-a-flight-risk kind of way. So naturally, they investigated the hell out of the mistake and according to The Verge they will share their findings with the world on January 23rd at 10am.

These words are by Michelle Knight

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