Weekly Wins May 26, 2017

RoboCop Is Here

A real-life Robot Cop has been deployed, AR headsets are the future of flying, Google’s AlphaGo brought it’s A-game and AI thinks Squeen and Death from the Trend are good ideas. All this and more just a scroll away. Time for the Weekly Wins!

A RoboCop begins duty with the police force in Dubai, you can now print AR photos from your phone with Prynt and Air New Zealand takes in-flight customer service to new heights with HoloLens AR headsets. Nike designs some good lookin’ Apple accessories, Google’s AlphaGo is victorious in a game of Go yet again and an AI charms the world with its creation of metal band names like Dargorhast and Deathcrack. This is one you won’t want to miss.

1. RoboCop Is Here

Dubai’s police force recently welcomed their first robotic police officer, a customized version of the Pal Robotics service robot. It will be used in malls, parking lots and tourist attractions and features a touch screen for citizens to report crime, pay fines and access information.

The police officer humanoid will also be used to chase down suspects and catch people trying to cheat out of their parking tickets and comes equipped with cameras that will stream live footage to police stations. Although they’ve only released one Robocop, Dubai hopes for about 25% of their police force to be robotic by 2030. Let’s just hope they don’t go rogue.

Excuse me, officer?

2. Bringing Photos To Life

Instant print cameras like the Fujifilm Instax have been popular for a while. But if you’re looking for something a little more digital, Prynt offers gadgets that allow you to print photos instantly from your phone. They recently announced the new Prynt Pocket which, at $149.99, will turn your photos into AR video experiences.

By taking a video on your phone, and printing a still, you can watch the video, or Live Photo, in action when it’s viewed through the Prynt app. They’re advertising it by saying you can “add a video inside your print and bring your photo to life.” Seems kind of gimmicky, but until we have lenses built into our faces that make photos move for us, this will have to do.

3. The Future Of Flying

Customer service aboard flights has been a trending topic for a while now, and airlines everywhere are trying to prove that their services are premium. Air New Zealand is attempting to innovate their customer service approach by adding Microsoft HoloLens AR headsets to their flight attendants’ uniforms.

No, New Zealand is not celebrating their version of April Fool’s Day. In an attempt to explore the future of customer service, Air New Zealand believes that using HoloLens technology would allow their employees to anticipate their customers’ needs and tailor their service to exactly what they need. The HoloLens could display information about meal preferences, when your last drink was, where your final destination is, your loyalty status, and more.

HoloLens technology, at your service

4. When Technology Meets Fashion

It’s always quite satisfying when technology and fashion come together. Nike understands their consumers’ desire to match their accessories and have answered this craving with a new line of Apple Watch straps.

The four new bands are designed to match the colours and texture of Nike’s Day to Night collection. Inspired by the colours of the sky seen when running from early morning to late at night, the four straps match the shoes and come in pink, aqua blue, powder blue and dark blue.

Lookin' good from dawn to dusk

5. Go, Go, Google

Google’s AlphaGo AI beat the world’s best Go player, 19 year old Ke Jie, in a three-match series. Go is a very complicated ancient strategy game for two players with the aim to surround more territory than your opponent.

It was a close game at the beginning, but in the end, a human was no match for the artificial intelligence who played a remarkable game leaving the world champion “shocked” and “deeply impressed”. Creators of the AlphaGo (which was later acquired by Google), DeepMind, believes their technology also has practical, everyday life potential to “solve intelligence and make the world a better place.”

6. Put Your Hands Together For… Chaosrug!

What does Deathcrack, Sux and Black Clonic Sky have in common? These are metal band names generated by an AI. Optics researcher Janelle Shane, who also generated (hilarious) paint names using artificial intelligence (Will Stanky Bean be the next colour of the year?), developed an AI to generate metal band names. The list includes Deathhouse, Inhuman Sand, Dragonsulla and Steelgosh, Snapersten, Suffer The Blue and more, all untaken and up for grabs.

These words are by Ivana Atlija

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