Weekly Wins March 2, 2019

Shopping, swiping, and seating

While some of you were riveted to your news feeds – gobbling up every last bit of Michael Cohen’s testimony on Capitol Hill in Washington – we were gathering up the latest and greatest tech-related news around the world.

1. Amazon shakes up the grocery game. Again.

Having already snapped up Whole Foods, launched their own cashier-free convenience stores, and even launched delivery of fresh groceries to your door, it looks like Amazon is ready to launch a traditional supermarket for common folk who are willing to eat food that isn’t organic, preservative-free and blessed by a shaman. Meanwhile in Canada, we really lived up to our ‘nice’ reputation with our own cashier-free grocery shopping experience: a supermarket in Ontario was left unlocked on a statutory holiday. Customers still went in, shopped, and just left their money at the till.

2. The “cheap” Tesla is finally here. 🙄

After months of frustrating delays that nearly bankrupt the company, Tesla has finally achieved its goal of selling the Model 3 for $35,000 USD. Unfortunately, there’s a catch: this is a bare-bones model and you’ll have to pay extra for any paint colour beyond black. On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a Model S or X, prices have been slashed $12-18,000 USD. Part of this price cut is attributed to the fact that Tesla is taking all car sales online. If your budget can’t even accommodate the ‘cheap’ Tesla, consider this model for under $1,000.

3. Swipe right for Spring Break

Having finally admitted that the app’s sole purpose is to bump uglies with strangers, the Tinder team has launched Spring Break mode. With the app’s young, virile user base about to flock to sunny shores for a week of dancing, drinking, barfing and regrettable decisions, why make that last point more complicated than it needs to be? Given that certain destinations see up to a hundred-fold increase of users during the Bacchanalian March escape, why wouldn’t Tinder make their customers’ desire for friction a little more…frictionless?

4. The Ultimate Economy Seat Upgrade

While airplane seating continues to shrink (remember the Airplane Saddle or that glorified bike seat contraption?), it’s also evolving in unexpected ways: the new Airbus Move seat has more in common with a Herman Miller office chair than its predecessors. Thanks to conductive yarn woven into the fabric, passengers can monitor and control their seat’s tension, temperature, and pressure. The fact that you might look like a damned fool trying to figure out how the seat works *might* be compounded by the fact that your airline could secretly be filming you via the seat-back in-flight entertainment system.

5. Everyone is making folding phones

Last week we told you about Samsung’s much-vaunted folding smartphone. Within seconds, it seemed like every tech company had a folding phone to flaunt. And not to be confused with a smart watch. Nubia is even using this bendy screen technology to wrap a phone around your wrist If it all seems like a bit much, and you long for the old days of just lugging around a giant brick with a battery that lasted for days, you’re in luck.

These words are by Lino DiNallo

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