Weekly Wins October 27, 2017

Sneaker Things

Stranger Things is back! Kick off your weekend of binge-watching with some Weekly Wins. Check out the cool pair of Stranger-Things-meets-Ghostbusters sneakers, Slack’s new screen-share tool, the HQ trivia app, Instagram’s live stream updates, and Amazon’s new delivery service.

Netflix, Sony, Reebok and BAIT teamed up to create a pair of limited-edition shoes for the release of Stranger Things season 2 and Slack is letting your coworkers control your screen. Also, study up on your trivia knowledge because a knew trivia app called HQ is here, and there’s real cash prizes to be won. Plus, Amazon is letting couriers unlock the front doors of your homes. Scary. It’s the weekend before October 31st, which means celebrating begins now. Happy Halloween!

No Ghosts & No Demogorgons!

1. Stranger Things X Ghostbusters

In anticipation of the second season of Stranger Things, Sony and Netflix have teamed up with Reebok and BAIT to release a limited-edition pair of Stranger-Things-meets-Ghostbusters sneakers. If you’ve seen the trailer, you know that the stars Dustin, Mike, Will and Lucas dress up in the iconic Ghostbusters suits. Why? Well, we haven’t binge-watched the second season yet, but it makes sense that they’d be tapping into the 80s-nostalgia craze. If the characters were dressing up for Halloween in the eighties, they’d most likely be obsessed with the Ghostbusters.

If you want a pair of these Stranger Things shoes, they will be available beginning October 28th in BAIT stores and through their online raffle.

2. It’s All About Control

Slack has finally added screen sharing, one if their most requested features. Now your coworkers can check out your display to see exactly what you’re seeing. But that’s not all. Slack has taken it a step further by adding a bonus feature: screen control. This new tool will let your coworkers control your computer.

Everybody who is participating in a call will have their own cursors to type with and click around on your screen, making it easy for others to revise sentences, add in lines of code, or enter values in a spread sheet. Screen sharing is one thing, but giving over control of your screen is a whole new game. If that sounds like too much control to give up, you can choose to limit your call participants to just drawing on things. Overall, it’s a great tool for collaboration and creates more incentive for video calls to be made within Slack, rather than in third party applications.

Trivia & cash prizes? Sign me up!

3. Study Up On Your Trivia Knowledge

If you’re full of fun facts and love trivia, there’s a new app that’s perfect for you. The HQ trivia app is a digital take on game shows and lets players face off against thousands of other players for cash prizes. A live host asks a dozen multiple-choice trivia questions which players must answer correctly within 10 seconds in order to move on to the next round. Choosing a wrong answer means you’re disqualified, but you can still watch and comment throughout the remainder of the game. If you reach the end, then you get to split the prize pool and collect your money via PayPal.

The game currently takes place twice a day at 3pm and 9pm ET. The interactive game show format and live video presentation makes for an immersive experience that players are expected to return to. HQ – created by the co-founders of Vine – has already received several million dollars in funding and is receiving more and more downloads each day. A lot of interest has already been shown, and the number of players continues to rise. Although the price pools are currently only about a hundred dollars, there is potential for these to increase as time goes on and sponsorships arise.

4. Two Heads Are Better Than One

Instagram has introduced Go Live With; a new feature that lets users live-stream with one another. After beginning a live-stream on your own, you can invite people from your audience to join you in a split screen where audience members can watch you both simultaneously. Instagram has advertised it as something for bored teenagers to do while avoiding homework, but we can expect popular users, such as social influencers who are savvy on the platform, to find more creative uses.

How much do you trust Amazon?

5. Amazon’s Got The Key… To Everything

With Halloween around the corner, we’ve got a spooky story for you: Amazon Key; a new service that lets couriers unlock your front door. As Amazon continues to grow, and with an estimated 85 million Prime customers, they’re attempting to adjust to the high demand of deliveries. Their new service, Amazon Key, will rely on Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and compatible smart lock to allow packages to reach your home safely, even when you’re not there.

When a courier arrives, they will scan a barcode that sends a request to Amazon’s cloud, which grants permission for the camera to start recording. The courier will then be prompted to swipe their screen within the app which will unlock your door. While they’re placing the package inside, you’ll receive a notification and can watch the delivery take place in real time from your phone.

Amazon acknowledges that they’re asking for a lot of trust from their customers, and have shared that couriers are instructed to open the door as little as possible and slide the packages in without entering your home. The new service launches November 8th, and whether or not it takes off will be a true reflection of how much customers trust Amazon.

These words are by Ivana Atlija

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