Weekly Wins January 13, 2017

For better or worse

Happy Friday 13th, the digital world dished up some scary/fun content this week, coincidence I think not. From robot mall cops, Bumble videos, good and bad CES kitchen tech, KFC game-up and Spectacles with prescriptions.

You deserve a little ‘you-time’ and what better way to spend it than with this week’s top digital marketing news. Enjoy.

1. KFC bring game.

Think Instagram, KFC, and football. According to PSFK, KFC are gearing up for the Super Bowl, which is only a month away. They built fans a game of their very own. The KFC Fried Football Frenzy Challenge utilizes 31 animations and 35 different Instagram accounts to tell the story of a short football game.

Game Time

2. Hard working mall cops lose to robots

Welcome to the first Robot cop company. This week TechCrunch published an article about the cop robot startup Knightscope launching a “mini-IPO”. According to the article, ‘Knightscope is built on technology made to monitor security situations in public spaces.’ The CEO, William Santana, says this, “No amount of thoughts and prayers from our political leaders will solve the level of violence, mass shootings and terrorism in our country – and this is a chance to back a solution instead of backing words with no action.” Yikes.

3. Bumble videos (insert shocked emoji face)

Bumble is launching video stories to show more of your match and they’re calling it BumbleVid. It will give users the ability to create unlimited 10-second videos from directly within Bumble. The videos will live on the users profile, and can be viewed by anyone on the app. It’s also time-sensitive, so we can finally say ‘bye bye’ to those photos from 10 years ago.

"adds reality to dating"

4. CES 2017 Kitchen tech

EATER have shared the good, the bad, and the ugly of kitchen tech at CES 2017. They start with the good, we’re talking Panasonic’s inductive heating counter top and dinner table, a cocktail cabinet that measures for you and gives you cocktail recipes according to what’s in your cabinet (awesome). The bad is really just minimally changed tech like Samsung’s smart fridge. And when it comes to the unnecessary think smart toaster by Griffin Technology.

5. Snapchat Spectacles for the visually challenged

One would think it’s only standard that spectacles help those who can’t see 20/20. But it’s another time. Snapchat spectacles are sunglasses with a built-in camera that can connect to any smartphone to send snaps. This week GlassesUSA.com offered services to add prescription lenses to a pair of Spectacles starting at $29. Smart move.


These words are by Michelle Knight

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