Weekly Wins October 26, 2018

Uber cashes in for a popular vote

Happy Halloween weekend folks! Here’s your weekly dish of digital tricks and treats, aka Weekly Wins. May your weekend be spirited.

The spot where reality ends and digital begins is becoming seamless. The boundaries of our screens are becoming obsolete and the future is integrated and interactive. Don’t believe us? Take a look at Starbucks’ talking walls or the automatic Domino’s pizza delivery when you work past 6 pm (yum!).

1.  Uber drives the election

With politics being the main source of entertainment of late, brands are still jumping on board the trending news train. This week, Uber announced their $10-off ride to the polls, utilising their place in the market on Election day.

According to The Verge, the rides won’t’ be available in all states and users will be required to use the ‘poll locator button’ in the app to get the discount. Uber has clearly stated that their discount is not stitched into any political agenda or even voting at all. They’re simply giving the 15 million people who couldn’t vote in the 2016 election due to lack of transportation the option to do so now.


2.  Starbucks’ walls do the talking

When you open an American coffee shop in the heart of international coffee territory, how on earth do you go about it? Accurat, a global, data-driven research, design, and innovation firm in Milan handled this problem for Starbucks and it’s simply beautiful.

They started by making the location the hero character and enabled the walls to tell the storyteller, making the customers an active audience. The brass walls turned into a data art installation with three different layers and three different parts of the story. The wall is embedded with etching, engraving and brushing techniques. It’s definitely a win for this huge brand.


Wall art

3.  Doctor climbs into patient’s deathbed

VR is termed the empathy machine and Embodied Labs are utilising this tool to the max. According to Digital Trends, Embodied Labs wants to use cutting-edge virtual reality to do something more than provide escapism.’ Well, some sceptics are unsure of the power of VR vs. reading a book with regards to empathy, researchers from Stanford University found that VR initiates a higher action-based level of empathy and that feeling stays longer.

“Meet Clay” is a 30-minute stimulation that places users in the role of “Clay,” a 66-year-old lung cancer patient in need of hospice care. The user goes through all the motions, from being told about their diagnosis to their eyesight going dim and passing away. The aim of this experience is to show/educate doctors and nursing on how to better treat terminal patients. Sometimes it takes getting dark to bring some light.

VR Empathy

4.  The literal magic of UX

Get ready for your mind to be blown and the walls between reality and digital to come crashing down around you. BGR, shared the most magical UX evolution that syncs our two worlds in years. The UK-based design studio Special Projects created a new smartphone interface that uses augmented reality and motion sensors inside a smartphone to create a completely new type of multitasking experience. Today we need a tech experience that feels innate, natural and when performed speeds up our tasks effortlessly. You’ll be left guessing how on earth we worked before it.

5.  When life delivers so will Domino’s

Domino’s pizza is always hot on tech collaborations and has always been way ahead of the curve. Just look at their digital marketing chops with their Tweet an order, Dom the pizza bot, and now the ‘If [blank] then Domino’s.

This new killer idea is simple and genius, the premise: whatever life throws at you Domino’s will deliver. Who can argue with that? They joined the ‘what if’ movement and married it to their brand. All you have to do is use the Domino’s service to place your Domino’s Easy Order so that life’s best moments always lead to pizza. You have to check this one out.

We hope the honeymoon is bliss!

These words are by Michelle Knight

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