Weekly Wins September 16, 2016

Upgrades Are Everywhere!

iMessage gets apps, Instagram nixes dirty comments, cinemagraphs could be the next big thing, safe rides for women are en route to a curbside near you, and your favourite stock photo is so fashionable. Tuck a napkin into your shirt, grab some utensils and get ready to stuff your face with Weekly Wins.

There was no shortage of delicious digital news this week so shake up your favourite cocktail pour yourself a healthy glass – here are the Weekly Wins.

1. iOS 10 Updates iMessage with Apps

After a rough start to the day, iPhone’s latest update (iOS 10) found it’s footing and the general consensus is that the improvements¬†are actually an improvement.¬†The most talked about update is definitely the additional functionality to iMessage. What was once a simple texting program is now a communication hub allowing everything from group chat gif and sticker parties, to restaurant bookings. Beyond the new collaboration capabilities are the ability to sketch, embed and share music within a conversation, and even play games. Not bad for a chat program that was once thought of as inferior to BlackBerry Messenger… (RIP BBM).

2. See Jane Go Updates Ride Hailing Services

There’s a lot of chatter about ride hailing services like Uber and Lyft and their ability to create a safe traveling environment for women. But as the two big companies duke it out amongst themselves, See Jane Go just launched this week. See Jane Go¬†is a ride hailing service that caters only to women and those who identify as women. All drivers are women and the only way a See Jane Go vehicle will pick up a male passenger is if he is with a woman who can vouch for him. The¬†app also connects customers and drivers through a system based on favourites. If a driver marks a passenger a favourite and vice versa, See Jane Go will match them for a ride. The mobile app can be downloaded for Apple and Android mobile devices right now!

Hit The Road With See Jane Go

3. Instagram Updates Comments with Filters

Instagram is back in the news, but this time it’s to help with online bullying. As of their latest update, Instagram users can now filter abusive words out of comments. Now you can identify specific words you find inappropriate and¬†toggle to Hide Inappropriate Comments altogether. Instagram actually selected a few celebrities to test the new feature, but apparently Justin Bieber wasn’t one of them. So what’s next for Instagram? Apparently the next new feature will display personal comments as previews as opposed to the latest, so stay tuned.

4. Update Your Wardrobe with Stock Photo Fashion

In a move that designers and art directors around the world can chuckle at, Adobe Stock just released an exclusive clothing line inspired by the¬†terrible stock photos we’ve all stumbled upon. Whether it’s “call centre woman wearing a headset” or a “firm handshake between business associates,” a few lucky Adobe customers will get to¬†wear it while they¬†search it. The creation of the exclusive clothing line is purely promotional for Adobe’s new Premium Collection of stock photos, but it’s a brilliant move either way.

Adobe's Stock Photo Clothing Line

5. Update Your Still Photos with Cinemagraphs

We’ve already got photos, videos, and gifs to share on our social channels, but what’s the next big piece of micro-content? Depending on who you speak to, it’s probably going to be cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are a combination photo-video-gif where a portion of a still photo animates or moves on a loop. This medium isn’t brand new, but the ability for anyone to easily create them is quickly approaching. Right now brands¬†are using programs like¬†Plotagraph to create some mesmerizing effects,¬†and you can start making your own with mobile apps like Fotodanz on Android and Cinemagraph Pro¬†on iPhone. I feel like foodie photographers just passed out with excitement.

These words are by Scott L.

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