Weekly Wins January 26, 2018

Rocket Man

There are some big names in the Weekly Wins, today! We’ve got stories about Instagram, Google and Amazon, plus a fashion line for a favourite Canadian snack and a VR farewell for a legendary artist.

Instagram rolls out gifs for stories, Google brings AR to the web, Amazon Go officially opens, Elton John announces his farewell tour in virtual reality, and Doritos drops a ketchup flavoured clothing line. Check it out below!

Stories just got a lot more fun

1. GIFs For All!

Instagram stories just got a lot more fun. After what seems like forever of limited rollouts, Instagram has finally officially added GIF support to Stories. Thanks to Giphy, hundreds of thousands of moving stickers like flying cheeseburgers and dancing donuts are available to choose from.

They’re also updating the Stories platform to soon support photos and videos of any size ration to be uploaded, so you won’t be limited to the awkward 9:16 format. Thanks, Instagram.

2. AR Everywhere

Google is exploring how to bring downloadable augmented reality content to the web, bringing AR to everyone. In a breakdown of their experimental prototype, Google uses Article, a 3D model viewer that works for all browsers and allows users to drag and rotate the 3D object on desktop and mobile.

Once a user selects an object, such as the 3D space suit Google used for their demonstration, in an AR-capable device and browser, they can then view it in augmented reality. The device’s camera will be activated, then the 3D object will be rendered in the space before you.

Google shared that they’re excited for what’s to come for AR since, “There’s vast potential for AR on the web – it could be used in shopping, education, entertainment, and more.” Exciting times.

"Just walk out shopping"

3. Grab & Go

Amazon Go finally opened! The cashier-free grocery store in Seattle opened its doors to the public this week, welcoming crowds of tourists, future forward shoppers, and accidental shoplifters – but Amazon’s not worried about that.

If you don’t already know, Amazon Go is a small store that uses cameras and sensors to detect what food you’ve taken from a shelf, then automatically charges you through the Amazon Go app on your phone when you leave. The store’s motto is “Just walk out shopping,” and it really is that simple; just grab and go.

4. Farewell Rocket Man

To announce Elton John’s last ever tour, “Farewell Yellow Brick Road,” the legendary artist hosted a special 30-minute-long YouTube livestream that could be watched in virtual reality, letting fans enjoy live performances and a Q&A in Google’s VR180 format.

Elton John also released a full 360-degree video that revisits highlights from the past 50+ years of his music, from Rocket Man to Your Song. If you’d like to see Elton John perform live one last time, his final tour will begin in North America this fall.

Doritos launches their first clothing line

5. Ketchup Is The New Black 

Oh, Canada. Home of the true north, strong, and… ketchup chips? To celebrate the very Canadian snack, Doritos is dropping their first ever clothing line, just like how KFC and McDonalds has done so in the past.

From t-shirts, to jackets, to tote bags, everything is very red and very ketchup. If you want to rep your love for ketchup chips, wait for the collection to launch on January 31st or enter their contest here.

These words are by Ivana Atlija

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