Weekly Wins October 16, 2015

Oct 16: When less is more

This week everything got a little bit simpler. UX is starting to come first with Facebook’s nostalgia considerations, and we learn how to erase our conversations with Google.

Get to the nearest tap and pour yourself and pint of the good stuff (and we’re not talking about water), then get comfortable while you enjoy the top digital marketing news in this week’s edition of The Weekly Wins.

1. LinkedIn, simplified

LinkedIn claim that 50% of their traffic comes from mobile. To ensure this mobile push sticks they created a simplified, cleaner, slightly less formal app nicknamed “Voyager”. The app has ditched the lengthy sidebar for five simple buttons on the bottom. It also links users to LinkedIn’s other apps that are available. “Voyager” will be available in the coming weeks.

“This is more than a new design: we’ve architected it at a system level how we do relevancy.” – Kiran Prasad, VP of Engineering at LinkedIn

2. ‘UI isn’t a Disney Movie’

Sophie Paxton shares her view on UI in this brilliantly headlined article, Your UI isn’t a Disney Movie. She talks about focusing on the end user and keeping pointless animation out of their way, while balancing restraint on the chosen platform. She dives into scenarios that would benefit from considered use of animation. We highly suggest you give this one a read.

“Animation is like cursing. If you overuse it, it loses all its impact.”

3. Facebook’s empathetic side

Facebook are filtering the memories they highlight to protect our feelings. Facebook is a nostalgia cake we dive in and gobble up whenever the opportunity arises. However, not all of our memories are ones we want to be reminded of. In fact there are probably quite a few we would rather not be online at all. Facebook have even been accused of “inadvertent algorithmic cruelty”. They answered this with a filter that lets us have more control over the memories we see. Wise move by Facebook.


4. Make Google forget

As we all know Google may forgive, but it never forgets. Until now that is. According to an interesting article by David Nield, Google likes to keep your voice searches on its servers so that it can learn to recognize your voice (slightly creepy). If you want to find your archive you can use Google Now to find it. To find out more read, ‘How to find and delete everything you’ve ever said to Google Now.

The Liberals are on top of the board with a total 48 million social reach score.

5. Google search and the Canadian election

Full disclosure, this one is wildly self promotional. An exciting project we worked on with our friends at Tradable Bits called, Canada’s Next Leader, has been featured in this CBC News article ‘Google searches on refugees and niqab trend during election campaign’. Besides being pretty stoked about the shout out, the article is quite interesting and rates the popular political topics across Canada. It’s well worth a read. And don’t forget, voting happens Monday, October 19.

Enjoy the weekend, avoid awkward memories, enjoy the simpler things in life, remember to vote on Monday, and for our Toronto readers, Go Jays!

These words are by Michelle Knight

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